The Lockdown Punjabi Awards!


2020 is a year that will be remembered in history books for many decades to come. 2020 saw the world come to a standstill as governments globally locked down nations to fight back against the pandemic. As millions of people saw their lives impacted the Punjabi Music Industry also came to a grinding stop (for about 17 minutes in March).

The Punjabi Music Industry failed to deal with the lockdown very well. Arguments, beef, social media outrage at peoples actions basically, the scene imploded. The last three months have seen a large amount happen. So rather than us give you 20 articles, why don’t we just give you the unique Punjabi Lockdown Awards.

Again, before some artists get their knickers in a twist, remember these are your actions that the public saw and took part in! Don’t blame us, blame the game lol!

Lockdown Punjabi Music Champion Male: Ammy Virk
Those cover versions and the variety of them! Ammy Virk bought a smile to so many faces, no controversy, no pomp just a singer doing what he does best! Superb

Lockdown Punjabi Music Champion Female: Kaur B
Battered away the haters and really came to the fore.  Support for all things Sikhi and two solid releases during lockdown! Kaur B came into her own! Respect

Lockdown Punjabi Icon Award: Harjap Bhangal
Punjabi folk across the world were worried about their families getting back safely. Harjap provided clear advice that helped so many. He also highlighted how to wear a mask! A round of applause for our Punjabi icon Harjap Bhangal!

The Lockdown Session Award: Vadda Grewal and Mankirt Aulakh
These two Punjabi singers decided to hook up during lockdown and have a session! Vadda Grewal ended up in a hospital and charged with drug possession and Mankirt just deleted the images from that night! You can stop the world but you can’t stop a session!

The Lockdown Awards Breakthrough Act : Run-Up Records!
AP Dhillon, Gurinder Gill and the Run Up Records team were names that only banged with a few music heads before lockdown! Now, thankfully these cats are getting the props they deserve and on a bigger scale!

Why The Fcuk Did I do That Award: Jassi Premi
Premi are world-famous! So why Jassi decided to do this is beyond us! Though it did bring a smile to a lot of peoples faces! Unfortunately, they were laughing at Jassi and not with him.

The Besharam Apna Award: The Punjabi Looter
Looters ran riot and it looks like an Apna wanted in, all this for a Dyson? You know his wife sent him for the hoover lol!

The Lockdown Debut Award (Female): Deesh Sandhu
Lethal Eyes, dropping something fresh during lockdown was hard as every DJ was over social media! But, Kaos Productions and Deesh Sandhu stood tall and dropped a debut single that was much needed!

Lockdown Beef Winners: Sidhu Moose Wala and Brown Boys!
Sad to see a team that came through so strong capitulating like this in front of us all! This beef left others in the shade! Sad thing we as music fans lose out if this trio does not work together again.

The Lockdown Debut Award (Male): Princ3 Set It Off
This track lived up to the hype and Princ3 really made a mark with this his debut release ‘Set It Off’. The unfortunate thing with this release was that it clashed with the global lockdown. Now that we are coming out of lockdown hopefully more people will wake up this release.

Lockdown Best Inpounded Award: Mankirt Aulakh
Not happy with having a session, Makirt has his Mercedez impounded by the cops when he should have been in lockdown! This guy really is living that gangland life lol!

The WTF Is Going On Here Moment: Shehnaz Gill’s Father Santokh Singh
So whilst everyone else was in lockdown, Santokh is charged with the rape of a 20-year-old model. He denied it, got charged and the proof he was going to submit … Never appeared! But it seems Money talks!!

The Gordon Ramsey “Bas Khar Award: All those DJ’s and singers who became chefs! TAKE THE FILTERS OFF

Special Lockdown Award – Jazzy B
Jazzy B is a living legend. His singing is famous globally and someone as well known as Jazzy B may veer away from certain controversial topics. Jazzy B has never done that, his support for the Never Forget 84 campaign and recently Khalistan once again proves what a diamond he is! Respect

Kept It Sane During Lockdown:  Karan Aujla
The man Karan Aujla had so many people trying to drag him into various kinds of beef! Yet he stood tall and stuck to his music game! Just one question, why the hell did you have whales in the air for the Sheikh video?

Chasing Pomp Backfired Award: Sippy Gill
Man like Sippy Gill chased Moose Wala and others trying to stir up trouble. Then he himself got charged with songs promoting the use of guns! Lehlo gangsta the fame yaara!

Most Entertaining Punjabi Social Media Events: Bups Saggu giving people an insight into how music is made!

Best Lockdown Event: Kudos absolutely smashed this out of the water! A live DJ Event that lasted all day and raised over £30k – SalautE to everyone from Kudos! Watch the event back by clicking on the link below!

The Wedding DJ That Lifted His Game: Harv Kudos
Not just mixes, but blogs and just being damn relevant! Check out the mixes here and the blog via this link!

Services To The Punjabi Community Award: Soho Tavern
The UK pub lockdown is hitting people hard. The Desi Grill game was impacted hard! One pub stood up, it took desi grills on the road and to the people! A round of applause for the services offered by the Soho Tavern!

Most Gawacheh in Lockdown: UK Wedding DJs
People have reported seeing UK Wedding DJ’s just driving up and down motorways looking for an event. Some have been spotted letting smoke machines off from their bedroom windows! Some even hired dholis for 8pm on Thursdays! Don’t worry guys you will be back eating and drinking for free very soon!

Oh Damn You Fcuked Up Award: Jhoots
Whilst people were struggling to get food and medicine during the lockdown, Jhoots chemists decided to wack up the prices of things like Calpol and only backed down after the national press and TV got involved! Embarrassing

The Punjabi Lockdown Champions: All those who provided seva and langer to the elderly, the NHS and Foodbanks. This was not just in the UK but across the globe! When we people needed us as a community, we stood up and delivered! Respect to everyone form Midlands Langer to the small desi shops who went above and beyond to serve people during this testing time!

Oh and any social media platform looking to ban the #Sikh – THINK TWICE!!

We leave you with our personal favourite song from the last 3 months! Enjoy Korala Maan and the song Dismiss 141


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