The New Desi Grills Desi Pubs Premier League Table – March 2020


Updated 1/11/2019: Desi Grills – Here are the Daily Ent Xpress recommended list of Desi Pubs, the Des Grills league table is back due to huge public demand. Pubs are only added to the league after two visits by our team, we are happy for people to send us their own thoughts for consideration. We use images from stock files and other sites, due to us wanting to keep our team’s identities anonymous and to not draw attention to them.

Even though we have ranked each pub using various categories, please ensure you check out the Desi Grills Overview page for a quick guide as to which pubs offer what and how they may meet your criteria for a good night out.

The Premier League Of Desi Grills At The Bottom Of The Page Past The Regional Lists

Top Ten Family Desi Pubs/Grills (Midlands)  –

The guide to the top 10 Children friendly venues in The Birmingham Area
1 – Bradford Arms (Walsall)
2-  Soho Oak (West Bromwich)
3 – Soho Tavern (Handsworth)
4 – New Hen and Chickens (West Brom)
5-  Broadway Bar & Grill (Walsall)
6 – Jacks Bar and Grill (Wolverhampton)
7 – Copper Fox (Harbourne) 
8 – Yew Tree (West Bromwich)
9 – Kushi Grill (Coventry)
10 – The New Garden Gate (Handsworth Wood)

Desi Grills International

Taste Of India – Cancun Mexico
Tandoori Nights Barcelona, Spain

Birmingham The Desi Pubs

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1 – Soho Oak
2 – New Hen and Chickens Stone Cross 
3 – Soho Tavern
4 – Red Cow
5 – Hen and Chickens Constitution Hill
6 – Sportsman
7 – Island Inn West Bromwich
8 – Copper Fox
9- The New Garden Gate
10 – Yew Tree
11- Covered Wagon
12- Four Ways
13- The New Cottage
14- Club 99
15- Keg and Grill
16- The Clock House
17- Special Spices
18- Indian Brewery Snowhill
19- The Smoke House
20- Summer House Bar and Grill
21- Vine
22- Barrell Bar and Grill
23- The Stores
24- British Queen
25- Farcroft
26- Haveli Bar & Grill
27-Phoenix Bar & Grill (Oldbury)
28- Red Lion
29- The Spinney Pub & Grill 
30- Desi 2
31- Railway Inn
32- Curry and Grill
33- The Shireland
34- Brades
35- Tap and Tandoor
36- Fox and Goose

London Surrounding Areas Desi Pubs –

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1 – Prince of Wales (Southall)
2 – Masala & Coal (Slough)
3 – The Scotsman (Southall)
4 – Duke Of Wellington (Feltham)
5 – Royal Albion (Hounslow)
6- The Brigidiar (Central London)
6 – Breakspear (Ruislip)
7 – African queen (Hounslow)
8 – The Regency (Harrow)

Leicester –

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1 – The Indian @ 3 kilns
2 – Indian Queen
3 – Sports Lounge Oadby
4 – Prince Of Punjab
5 – Broadway
6 – Paddys Marten Dhaba
7 – Woolpack
8 – Wyveryn Restaraunt Bar and Grill 

Derby –

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1 Chestnut Tree
2 Pear Tree

Coventry/Warwickshire –

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1 – The New Haven
2 – Kushi Grill
3 – The New Horseshoe
4 – The Shire
5 – The Crow

Walsall –

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1 – Bradford Arms
2 – Broadway Bar and Grill
3 – King George
4 – King Arthur
5 – Bradford Arms Milton Street

Wolverhampton –

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1 – Jacks Bar and Grill
2 – Parkfield Central
3 – Builders Arms
4 – Angel Inn
5 – Garden Bar
6 – Jolly Collier
7 – Kaz Bar
8 – Bruford Arms
9 – Glassy Junction 
10 – The Fiery Grill And Curry

Telford & Stafford –

1 – Hop and Vine (Telford)
2 – The Morris Man (Stafford)

Yorkshire –

1 – The Sheepscar Bar & Grill

The South –

1- 5 Rivers Sports Bar

The Desi Grills/Desi Pubs Premier League  Table –

1 – Bradford Arms (Champys) Walsall
2 – Soho Oak (West Brom)
3 –New Hen & Chickens (West Brom)
4 – The Sportsman (West Brom)
5 – The Red Cow (Smethwick)
6 – Soho Tavern (Handsworth)
7 – Broadway Bar and Grill 
8 – Hen & Chickens Constitution Hill 
9 – The Covered Wagon
10- The Sheepscar Bar & Grill (Leeds)
11- Prince of Wales (Southall)
12- Jacks Bar and Grill (Wolverhampton)
13- Keg and Grill (Birmingham)
14- Copper Fox (Harbourne)
15- The New Garden Gate (Handsworth Wood)
16- The Island Inn (West Bromwich)
17- Kushi Grill (Coventry)
18- Masala & Coal (Slough)
19- The Indian @ 3 kilns (Leicester)
20- The Scotsman (Southall)
21- Four Ways (Rowley Regis)
22- The New Haven (Coventry)
23- Parkfield Central (Wolverhampton)
24- The New Horseshoe (Coventry)
25- 5 Rivers Sports Bar (Southampton)
26- Duke Of Wellington (Feltham)
27- Indian Queen (Leicester)
28- The Indian Brewery
29- Builders Arms (Wolverhampton)
30- Hop and Vine (Telford)
31- The Chestnut Tree (Derby)
32 – Angel Inn (Wolverhampton)
33 – The New Cottage (Birmingham)



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  1. Sarb matharu on

    In Hatton cross, Heathrow we have the The Duke of Wellington brilliant food, lovely atmosphere, ample parking cant get any better. In my opinion

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  3. Soho tavern? Are you serious? There’s more red colouring in all Thier food then there is red in Amsterdam! Totally fixed

    • Daily Ent. Xpress on

      The response on social media from people who have read it differs to your opinion, & trust me if it was a fix why would we put our favs. Just in the top 10. Amsterdam is more popular for its green than red

  4. Pingback: Desi Pubs – The Keg and Grill, Birmingham #DesiGrills

    • Daily Ent. Xpress on

      Done Desi 2, Railway Inn & British Queen will deffo add Perry hill tavern, Curry house & Grill is going out next week

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  7. Pingback: Desi Pubs, The Regency Club, Harrow #DesiGrills

  8. Paul “The Hooligan” Bhond on

    The Royal Albion is an exquisite delight to visit, the staff, the ambiance and of course the cuisine is absolutely top draw!

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  10. Pingback: Desi Pubs, The Sports Lounge, Leicester #DesiGrills

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  13. You need to pay bruford arm in wolverhampton a visit will bliw 90% of these out of the water. How jacks in no.1 i’ll never know.

    • How have u missed tripadvisors number 1 in the midlands out???? New talbot is miles better then hen and chickens in west brom and its 2 mins down the road????

  14. Try the summerhouse in Hall Green… very very good food.. shame that chefs have to move around… he moved from special spices to summerhouse… guy from soho tavern has moved etc

  15. Went to Price of Wales, Duke Of Wellington Feltham before flying out at Heathrow….. thumbs up

    Mixed grill vibes. Landlord seems like a top fella too

  16. personally, scotsman should be placed more higher than The Royal Albion and Breakspear…. Ive tried scotsman 3-4 times and they never let me down.

  17. We went to The Copper Fox today as you rated it number one, we gave it a 5/10.

    Sizzler – chicken tasted over cooked.

    Fish – there was no flavour on these

    Butter Chicken – tasted better in Soho T

    Fish Main – waste of money

    Masala Chips – these were really tasty

    They obviously saw you guys coming and pulled out all the stops for you.

    • When did they change the chef? The review / title of this trail said the table was as of 5th April 2019. No mention of the chef’s changing in April.

  18. Hey guys, may I suggest you try Chillibite Bar & Grill in Coventry? One of the best sizzlers in the Midlands, particularly the lamb chops and the mixed grill, as well as the best chilli chips you’ll ever have!

  19. Jatinder Panesar on

    From what i know the chef is the same at Copper Fox, how anyone got to that conclusion now leaves doubt on your scoring ss a result?

    • Daily Ent Xpress on

      14 reviews since Christmas, whether the chef has changed or not, the difference is very noticeable, we love the venue and how it looks just very different to how it was in 2018

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