The New Desi Music Scene Saying F**K You To The Fake Pomp


New Desi Music Scene: How big is the Punjabi music scene? How do you measure the success of an artist? All these questions are now shrouded in doubt. The non-organic views on Youtube have build up artists to feel like they have landed. Yet in reality, they are not even known by their own relatives never mind having mass appeal around the globe.

The big-budget videos, the cars the lifestyle are all pipe dreams that singers will sell fans through videos. We have no issue with that, music is escapism after all. But, one of the most dangerous things artists can do is start to believe their own hype. When the hype is only returning Instagram likes but not reflecting in fiscal returns then you have an issue. When your mass social media following is not buying, streaming or booking you as an artist then the world becomes a very lonely place.

Yet, within the current scene, we have an uprising of genuine artists who have put two fingers up the current expectations of the scene and reverted to type to build a following. In addtion to that they have returned to making music for those around them and only them.

In the UK Check One Recordz are set to take the domestic scene by storm this year with releases that are about the music, the art form and about quality not quantity. Check One Recordz are making music for like-minded individuals who appreciate music without the fakeness that today’s scene brings. 

In Canada, Students from India are always in the headlines for mostly the wrong reasons, but they are also looking to change the scene. Foreigners in a foreign land the Punjabi students have bonded and created a scene for themselves. The scene is about the life they lead, the life they see and their surroundings. They are not after the mass appeal success that others crave. Instead, they just wish to spread their artform amongst like-minded individuals.

This is a movement that is not chasing pipe dreams of 100m views, Run Up Records and their band of merry men are chasing that North American dream the old fashioned way! And we love it!

Faraar was the first video release from Run Up Records and feat, Gurinder Gill, Shinda Kahlon with AP Dhillon on production. Check out Faraar here:

Did the song appeal? It may well have not hit you in your feelings straight away. But, you know what Run Up Records, Gurinder Gill, Shinda Kahlon and AP Dhillon did not make the song for you. If it bangs with you all well and good. This is music created for them and those around them. Refreshingly these cats are not worried about views, likes shares or mass appeal. The grind they are on is for them and if anything comes of it, then all well and good!

Run Up Records and Check one Records are miles apart musically, yet their philosophy on music is the same. Using the rules thrown out by the hip-hop scene many moons ago these two new brands are making a mark in their own way.

The Hip Hop scene used to have a stepping stone guide for those wishing to make it on the music scene. First, you become popular on your block, then your town, then your city only then do you go for the state. Every step is measured, new fans climb on board like-minded individuals start to follow you and create your hype among music fans who want what you are giving them.

Unfortunately, today’s Punjabi music scene which is awash with money seems to have forgotten about these building steps. People go for the jugular straight away. Social media can deliver that quick success overnight. Social media can also take it away just as quick if those funds dry up. As many are finding out.

Only this week the UK Mainstream charts saw TaZzZ chart and create history. An independent Pakistani British artist who decided not to follow the well-travelled route of other artists. Instead, Tazzz strived to do things his own way and made history. TaZzZ charted at Number 25 in the mainstream charts without any publicity campaign. Tazzz charted as a result of having a good independent following and a passion for music and not everything else that surrounds the scene.

Let’s hope the actions of those artists mentioned above are an inspiration to independent artists who may have lost their way chasing pipe dreams. The scene does not have to be about views, shares and likes. Social media plays a huge part, but use it to engage fans not to buy fans! Youtube can be a huge pointer for success but don’t use it as your sole barometer of success. Embrace other platforms, ignore the view count and build that following!!

Check out the latest release from Run-Up Records “Most Wanted” by  AP Dhillon and Gurinder Gill with production by Gminxr.

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