The New EPL Predictions League,Week 5 and Week 3(Championship)


Week 5 – Lets Go!

Every week on social media, we watch as knowledgeable football fans throw advice left right and center as to which way games may go, usually involving the team they support.
Then you have the casual football fans who will talk nonsense, you know the ones, they still think Gary Linekar plays for Spurs and Walkers.

We dedicated ourselves to fighting our way through the dross to find some who are the “real deal” when it comes to supporters, and we invited them to join our league, some refused (think they feared being worse than Lawro and Merse put together), but the rest joined in our “time-pass” game.


  • Participants choose H(ome), A(way) or D(raw) to Football matches from the EPL (Internationals/FA Cup if no EPL games are being played)
  • 2 points are awarded for a correct selection, 0 points for getting wrong (nothing for just turning up)
  • The league runs for 9 rounds
  • 1st prize – Mixed Grill at a Desi Pub of our choice and drinks
  • 2nd prize – A starter at said Desi Pub and the chance to listen to the winners inform you that 2nd place is nothing
  • 3rd prize – A pint and pictures of the winner eating the prize and educating the person in 2nd whom you aspire to be.
  • If players are tied for top place, then they go into a play-off, with Championship games of our choice.
  • The bottom 3 will be relegated for the new league and will go into the Championship
  • Top 2 In Championship get promoted, next 4 into the playoff, finish bottom and lol, we will wreck you for ever

Week 5 – Predictions

Championship Week 3


Players (Entrepreneurs, Fans, Musicians, Writers):

Bal Bansal, Dips, Chas, GS, Jaz, Jeeti, JS (Jassi Sidhu), Menis, Nick, Pav, Ranjit Bhandal, Sunny Singh, Swarmi Baracus, Sati Taggar, Tony Kohli


Bobby Singh (BS), Cash Boyle (CS), Chris Smith (CS), Dal Singh (DS), GV, Ghost Singh (GS), G Shergill (GSH), J Skillz (JS), Kenny Singh (KS), Nandeep (NS), Pinda Mann (PM), Sabji Hunter (SH), Suky Singh (SS)

To be included in the new Championship league contact @ApnaJSkillz

Let the fun begin, the league will be updated at various points over the weekend.


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