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Desi Pubs – The New Garden Gate:
The New Garden Gate is not a hard pub to find, located just minutes from Junction 7 of the M6. West Bromwich Albion’s Hawthorns and Villa Park are approx. 15 minutes away. Bescot Stadium home to the mighty Walsall FC is also approx 15 mins away.

Appearance & Entry:

The New Garden Gate has been around for years but recently has undergone a huge refurbishment and management change. Parking is not an issue, plenty on site. The Pub from the outside looks huge. It might have gone through a refurb but the classic big old booza look is still evident – Thankfully!

As soon as we walked in we noticed that it was kinda busy, the atmosphere was lively and welcoming. The refurbishment has transformed this place. New floors, booths, and a real slick layout in the food area maximising the space available are damn impressive. An open kitchen is also a winner!

The New Garden Gate – Drinks:

All the usual suspects are here on draught and the spirits selection is quite impressive. A solid range of bottled beers and ciders. Whiskey’s, Vodka’s and Gins alongside some shots, what more could you ask? The draught beer is served in the correct glasses, the pints are fresh and crisp. Impressive so far.

We order our food and are told it will be approx 35 mins, our food is ready after 30 mins! Fairplay as the venue has a few in and the timing is fantastic as I just got my second pint in (tonight we have a driver).

The Large Garden Gate Mixed Grill:

This grill is damn impressive visually and in size. The grill includes Chicken tikka, thigh and breast, Fish pakora, Salmon pakora,  Green Thai chicken, Shish Kebabs, Lamb Chops and grilled prawns. Where to do we start?

First and foremost the grill overall was very impressive. The chicken tikka along with the green Thai chicken were the standouts from the grill. The marinade used for the Green Thai chicken was superb. The quality of the meat used has impressed us. The Lamb Chops were possibly the least impressive. They were overdone and just lacked meat. They were better than others we have had, but not up to the standard of the other items on the grill. Hopefully, the chops are a one-off as everything else was decent.


We went for the Butter Chicken and the Lamb dish. The lamb dish had plenty of meat and once again the quality of the meat used added to our enjoyment of the dish. The sauce used on the lamb dish is quite thick and feels heavy. The meat is good, just a pity the sauce let it down. Butter chicken, this looked impressive and ticked all the boxes visually. The dish is solid but just lacked that special kick to make it magic. Personally I think we were spoilt by the grill and the bar was set quite high. The curries were good. We will be trying them again next time.

Conclusion – The New Garden Gate

The New Garden Gate is impressive. We felt welcomed as soon as we walked in, the venue was busy but we were put at ease straight away by the smiling staff. A great welcome and a very family-friendly atmosphere.  Easy parking, safe and great access to all major roads.

We walked into the New Garden Gate with no pre-conceived ideas about the food. A clean slate, only one or two people we knew had been in and told us to try the place out. We are glad we did.

The Grill was enjoyable, visually it looked superb and in addition, the amount of food was impressive. We paid £18.95 for the grill and it easily fed us three. The quality of the meat used really stood out. The chicken on the grill really stood out with the Green Thai Chicken being the star performer. The curries were good, on this occasion they did not live up to the grill but were in no way disappointing.

Our visit to The New Garden Gate was very pleasurable, the food, the customer service and hygiene all really shine through. This is a venue we will 100% be visiting again. Also, we recommend it to all! Please try and call ahead for kitchen times and booking in!

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