The No Poonj Awards 2018 -Winners Explained


The DEX ‘No Poonj Awards’ winners have been announced, and if for whatever reason you needed clarity as to why certain people won what they did, well we thought a breakdown on how some of the less obvious categories were measured, and these will be the measurements used for 2019 also, so please see the breakdown below:

2018 Man/Woman That Ruled The World:
This goes to the leading male/female from the Punjabi entertainment scene, they have been in the news for music and non music related news, they have toured globally and had unquestionable success in the music market in 2018. If you was to go up to 8 out of 10 Punjabi people globally they would know who these two winners are.

Best Breakthrough Act:
This goes to those artists who have had an exceptional breakthrough 2018 in either music, film, videos and news, ultimately making 2018 their year. Exceptional sales, streams and views are also taken into consideration, in and outside of India.

Best Music Producer:
This goes to the music producer who has delivered a consistent amount of hits through 2018, for example Deep Jandu’s following songs have charted in India and 3 other countries this year on a regular basis. Songs such as Kyon, Majboori, Up and Down, Vaaj, Collarbone, Marzi De Malak, Hadd, Underestimate and Don’t Worry, have meant that Deep Jandu has consistently charted this year without the use of either the leading male or female of the year and did not feature on the album of the year either. Streams, Sales and Views were used to track this category also.

Anthem of 2018:
The song that has been played at every function since its releases and is still being played now, no one could argue the success of this massive song.

Best Video of 2018:
Innovation, vibrancy and a storyboard that comes to light. It is not about big budgets but buying into the concept of the song through video, and we feel this song does this extremely well.

Underrated Male/Female of 2018:
This particular male and female have numerous hits this year, but have been under the radar unless you are a serious music fan. They have a core fan base consisting of fans and music lovers who support their every track, but a lack of mass appeal has meant they have contributed much in 2018, but gone underrated.

Best Album of the year:
This could have been subjective, so we based it on sales, streams and views. This album wins hands down on all three fronts, it was still number 3 in November 2018, 7 months after it’s initial release.

DJ of the Year:
The most sought after Punjabi DJ of 2018, In a addition to global sets and domestic appearances a string of big releases have ensured that there was only one winner in this category.

Best Mixtape:
DJ’s often get accused of not having the support of the artists whose work they are mixing, this project was different, the artist fully supported it, other DJ’s did also and the mix tape has appeared in various countries with other DJ’s approval.

Best Punjabi Pop Song:
The commercial sound of Punjabi music has transcended not just Punjab’s boundaries, but also the boundaries of India, this song was/is huge among a younger generation who enjoy a cheerful and poppy number. Sales, streams and views were also taken into account for this particular category.

Best Folk/Boliyan Song of 2018:
The true essence of Punjab is its folk music and tales, and dance competitions across Punjab have loved this particular song for those very raw and traditional sounds and vocally very well delivered.

Best Punjabi ballad/love song:
This was once again based on sales, streams and views. When released this song charted in 4 different countries and the YouTube views were spread across, India, UK, Canada and Australia.

Best New wave lyricist Punjabi:
With Punjabi songs changing daily, we have found a new breed of writers, that have a delivery way of writing songs that offer more of a rap based style than the previous authentic styles.

Best Traditional lyricist Punjabi:
Someone who offers an insight into a vision through song in a more traditional Punjabi writing style.

Like WOW moment of 2018:
The biggest entertainment related surprise of the year, that impacted all forms of traditional media and social media, this particular moment got part time entertainment fans interested.

Most Innovative Entertainment Award 2018:
This rewards a project that is new and creative and has had mass appeal, a new or old concept repackaged and delivered in its very own unique way.

Breakthrough Established Artist Male/Female:
Two artists who have been on the scene previously, but have seen this year become very much their biggest year. Global tours, releases, TV appearances and seeing their work go further than ever before and hitting new heights as an individual.

Innovation In Music Award:
This rewards a music project that is new and creative and has had mass appeal, a new or old concept repackaged and delivered in its very own unique way.

Most Annoying Wanna Be Celebrity of 2018:
This is based upon comments made across various social networks that have the same thing in common, annoying. (Based on public perception). Yet, the winner of this award should not see this as a bad thing, they have become a regular name with music fans and should use this to further bolster their following to maximise the public’s perception.

Under The Radar Albums Special Mentions 2018:
With album sales dying, we highlight 4 projects that deserve a wider audience. Artists pour themselves into albums and the recognition sometimes is not forthcoming, but the projects deserve a bigger listener ship.


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