The Paratha Challenge (Kyle v Food) – Cash Prizes! Could You Do It?


The Paratha Challenge: The Prince of Punjab in Leicester is gaining a fantastic reputation. The grills are bang on and the atmosphere and friendly owners really do charm you as soon as you walk in. The desi grill challenge on offer has gone global, but now the Prince of Punjab is giving punters a new challenge – The Paratha Challange!

Competitive food eater Kyle is one of the youngest on the scene in England. So it was no surprise to us that he turned up at the Prince of Punjab to try every desi person’s favourite – The Paratha Challange.

The food challenge consists of 10 Parathas that have to be eaten in 20 minutes. If you complete the challenge you get the meal for free and also win £50!!!

The 10 parathas stuffings are- 2 with Keema, 2 with Paneer, 2 plain, 2 Gobi wale and the 2 Aloo wale parathas! So did Kyle manage to pull it off? Do you think you can pull it off? Next time you are in Leicester why not check out the Prince of Punjab, this venue is certainly getting a good reputation for itself!!

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