The Predictions League!! Dips Ruling The Roost and FFP Investigation In Championship


1 Round to go

It is Dip’s to lose, Dips has been in the top 3 all season, odds on to win it now

Jassi Sidhu, well his on a roll and could still win it as could Ricky and Swarmi, with Sati also being one to watch, we could end off with play offs for 2 and 3rd

Jass The Journo is damaging is reputation week in week out and continues to do so, Menis is 10 points away from safety and it looks likely that Chas and Sunny could have a play off

Championship – 2 Weeks To Go

Pinda Maan has benefited from a great start, and is all but promoted, pending an FFP decision, the same stands for the 2nd placed Nandeep Singh, who has also fell foul of FFP Laws, This would leave the honest and reliable Player in 3rd to win the league.

Kenny Singh? Kenny Singh what happened


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