The Predictions League Week 9 & League Table!!


The transfers are done, now let the predictions commence!!

24 players have survived season one to make it into season 2! And this time, it is all one league! So Defending Champion @DipsMufc has got a huge battle on her hands to defend the EPL winners crown! The Twitter league will be a rough and tough one this season!

This new seasons players are all listed below, along with week ones predictions. Will those who escaped relegation make a charge? Will DipsMUFC maintain a grip on top position? Have Pav and Swami got over the scars of last season? All will be reveled over the next 12 rounds of the EPL Predictions league.

Each correct prediction is 2 points

This seasons player are!

@Dipsmufc (Defending champion), @PindaMann (Championship Winner)

@BalBansal, @Bobby_Lidder@ChiefBrody, Chas (Currently suspended from twitter), @DalSinghSardar, @GV_music, @Ghostsingh7, @GurjShergill, @ApnaJSkillz, @JeetiSingh, @KennySingh, @MrMenis, @NandeepSingh, @Nicksingster, @PanS_Samra, @Popsymusic, @RanjitBhandal, @RaviStato85, @SabjiHunter, @SatiTaggar, @Sukhy_singh, @SwamiBaracus,

The Table Week 8

This weeks over/under is 25.5 goals (1 point)

Week 9 Predictions

Week 8 Results 

Week 7 Results




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