The PropheC Presents – The Season, The Album Insights From The Man Himself


One artist that we have seen grow and grow this decade is The PropheC, he is the breath of fresh air that the scene needs and as if to prove that, his new album ‘The Season’ is unique and delivers in quality with each and every song.

The Season is an album that the scene needed, it breaks the mould of the traditional and the commercial and delivers The PropheC’s vision perfectly. We always ask artists to give us an insight into an album as it is so personal to them, so join The PropheC as he guides you threw his album with his own unique insights.

Stories – I had this song planned to a different beat but once I started composing these chords I sang this melody and it just all worked. Within a night I had most of the track done and pretty early on I decided this was going to be the intro to my album.

Where You Been – I had this hook in my mind for over 2 years but never found the right beat to sing it over. The sample idea came while I was doing riyaz and started singing some old songs from the 90s.  Everything came together except for the drums.I made about 8 versions of drum patterns and samples before I was finally happy.

Jaan Di – Me and UpsideDown made this idea while I was in LA last year. I’d just finished shooting 2 videos and we weren’t really expecting to make any new music. I had a version of the beat made that I wasn’t happy with but once I gave UpsideDown the stems he took it to a whole new level. I composed the melodies in 20 minutes and later that night took a flight back home and wrote the song over the next few weeks.

Everything – This song was my personal favourite to make. I sent my manager the hook over whatsapp and basically an hour later the whole song was done. Most of the songs for the album were made with no lyrics – just me humming and singing random melodies – so while the song was done it still took me a few weeks to come up with the right lyrics.

Yaad Kar – This was another song that was made without me thinking too much. I was just having fun making random ideas one night and this one just stuck with everyone who heard it. It still took me weeks to write it but its one of the only songs on the album which I didn’t overthink and just kept simple.

Kamle – This track was basically finished but never had a beat or drums. I remember listening to Dr. Zeus/Rough “Don’t Be Shy” and being so inspired to add a Punjabi vocal sample into the chorus. Once I added the “Ishqe’ch Kamle” sample the beat basically came together.

Jana Te Ja – I first made this song in 2012 when I was working on my mixtape. At that time I ended up making another track so put this one to the side. Last year, when I began revisiting ideas for the album, I found this track and decided to remake it. When I listen to this song, I still feel like it has the same vibe as all those years ago.

LayeeAh – I had a trip planned to Mexico and decided to shoot a music video there. I made all the arrangements with director, locations, model etc. but the only problem was I didn’t have a song to shoot lol. Me and my manager were talking about the album and we decided we needed an upbeat song to break up the senti tracks on the album. So 3 days before I was leaving I came up with this track and luckily everything worked out.

Haani – I always wanted to make a “filmy” type Urban Desi song so this track was basically my opportunity to make something with a Bollywood type feel. I had also worked on a few tracks for Punjabi movies (which I never received credit for) so I was feeling very inspired to do something on my own and prove to myself that I could do it.

Fire – This track was completed 3 days before submitting the album for distribution. The team decided that the album got a bit slow towards the end so over a few days I came up with this idea and finished it off. Shout out to Fateh for helping me get the hook right!

Reason – This is probably the most special song I’ve ever done. Since the beginning of my career my dad has always helped me write songs, correct my Punjabi and support me in every way possible. It was literally his second time in the studio recording these vocals and we fought a lot to get it right. But the end result is probably the most senti song on the album and I couldn’t be more proud of him.

Tu Ki Jaane – This was one of the first songs I started for the album back in 2017. Mid 2018, I had a version of the album done and this was one of the only songs to not get cut. Another song that took months to get the lyrics right.

Strangers – I wrote this song based on what I was going through at the time. It was probably one of the most difficult songs I’ve had to write. Most of the song is done in one take as I wanted the track to sound more real rather than “perfect”.

We here at Daily Ent. Xpress cannot thank The PropheC enough for giving us an insight into his new album ‘The Season’. A unique album that is fresh, clean and well produced – This will be on repeat for some time!


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