The PropheC Vaari – Latest Punjabi Songs 2019


One artist that has made 2019 his own is The PropheC. A brilliant album release followed by projects alongside Sidhu Moose Wala, Amrit Maan and the up and coming Ezu really have cemented him as a figurehead for Punjabi music in 2019. PropheC has now released his new single ‘Vaari’ and if you liked what you heard previously…. Then this is for you.

Laidback, innovative and dreamy that is The PropheC selling point, along with his dukhi lyrics of course. Vaari the new single has all that in abundance and more. The production is tight and has so much going on that each time you spin the song you hear something new. Lyrically once again PropheC powers through with his Punjabi attempts to appease a female. Will they work though? Check out Vaari by The ProheC and find out!

If you wish to know more about the album The Season by the ProphheC then check out this exclusive album insight by the man himself. PropheC takes you through his album song by song with his own commentary into each song.

The PropheC Presents – The Season, The Album Insights From The Man Himself


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