The Punjabi Film Industry – Strangling Musical Innovation Among Punjabi Singers?


The Punjabi Film industry is looking set for a record year, that is not through revenue collected but actual number of films released, but has this growth in the Punjabi film industry come at cost to Punjabi singers and up and coming actors?

If we asked you to name 10 male and 10 female ‘actors’ (not musicians, but solely actors) from Hollywood or Bollywood you would not have an issue and the names will come gushing out, now if we asked you the same question about Punjabi cinema would you be able to do likewise?

Check out Dev Kharoud’s views about the state of the Punjabi film industry here:

The Punjabi film industry has grown on a par with the growth in the Punjabi music scene, and one of the reasons for this being the the two scenes evolve around the same people. More and more singers are now releasing films and they themselves are the lead roles, and with each film comes a soundtrack, the soundtrack has to then have songs from that Punjabi singer playing the lead, but has this cluttering of releases actually damaged the quality of the music releases we are getting from Punjabi artists?

There is always a difference between a filmi song and an actual song release, very rarely does the song from a film have the same impact as a song that of a song actually released as a single, the reason for that is filmi songs are shorter, more gimmicky and based solely on the film, an actual song release is so very different, you buy into the concept of the song not the film and you really do get more bang from the artist.

Views/streams and purchases of Punjabi film songs have seen a decline of almost 15% compared with the first quarter of 2018, a singer being the lead actor, and having songs from the film seems to be testing the patience of the general public as well as the artists fan base.

Let us take Gurnam Bhullar as an example, last year Gurnam Bhullar had a huge year, Diamond and Pakk Thakk were big solo releases and everything he touched seem to be a hit, even his filmi songs, he was fresh and was making solid music, so the scene bought into him.

Now lets look at Gurnam Bhullar since December 2018, he started the year with P.K feat. PBN and the song got a great response from Punjabi music fans, now, did you know since December Gurnam Bhullar has had 6 other releases?

Even the most die-hard fan of Gurnam Bhullar would struggle to name them all, in addition to that due to him being the lead in the film he has also appeared in 2 other music videos for those said films, overkill?

Within two years people would have gone to from listening to each Gurnam Bhullar release, to now hand picking what song they want to listen to, the long term impact is not on the Punjabi film industry, they would have got what they wanted from from Mr Bhullar, and same can be said for the labels that release his music, the detrimental impact will be on Gurnam Bhullar himself as the number of releases would have directly impacted  the staying power of his fans.

For the Punjabi movie scene to develop, they need actors who are famous for acting, the odd singer who can act is great, but long term the film Industry needs to find actors that can deliver films without having to rely on the lead actors music fanbase.  People should be going to watch movies because they are seeing their favourite actor, not their favourite singer who has put his name to a film!

Where are the new young actors coming through? Where is the acting talent that the growth in Punjabi cinema should be leading too?

Music and films are being churned out by the Punjabi music scene with most songs now only having a shelf life of a 10 days! The more an artist clutters the market with his own releases expect to see that shelf life of the artist to be impacted long term…. Singers are now Actors that sing- need we say anything more!


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