The Punjabi Halloween Playlist – Some Scary Some Just Strange


Halloween Playlist: Halloween is fast approaching, and as the clock strikes midnight the ghost and ghouls will come out to play. We as Punjabi’s have embraced this devilish tradition, so much so that not even our beloved Punjabi music scene is now churning out ghoulish tunes! Some are just scary and some are actually about ghosts.

So let’s check out the 10 Punjabi songs that make Satan’s playlist!

Number 10 – Satan, Honey Singh

Not a clue what is going on here, scary? Maybe not, but most certainly weird. The demons certainly seemed to have possessed a few on the set and in the recording studio here:

Number 9, Taj-E FEAT. Bee2, Dar Lagda

Some say this song is based upon the strange things that occur in Southall late on Halloween, myth or truth? Either way, after Southall’s food hygiene ratings, were revealed, even the ghosts might be staying away!

Number 8, Devil, Sidhu Moose Wala 

Don’t play with devils or court the black arts – Sidhu Moose Wala has found that out this year as he’s spent more time in the headlines that any other Punjabi artist in 2019. Did the devil do this?

Number 7, Sonu KV, Bhoot

Scared yet? She really does try and pull it off, the song sounds like something the devil would enjoy! This is just strange! Scary for the wrong reasons!

Number 6, Bhoot Bhangra Karamjit Anmol & Nisha Bano

So what happens if you are Punjabi and you are getting haunted? Simple, you ask the ghost to join in some boliyan and bhangra! Its the Punjabi way people!

Number 5, DCS, Bhoot Bhootni Da Yaar Hogaya

It’s DCS, so you never question it, but what was the songwriter smoking when he came up with this! Can they share it?

Number 4 Bhoot, Asliyat!


Number 3, Chudail, Preet Syan, Gopi Longia and Soni Crew

A great desi track that was released earlier this year that sees a man fall in love with a ghost. This gave us one of the best hook lines of the year

Number 2, Jatt v Chudail v2

Vinaypal Butter – this has to be on every desi Halloween playlist!

Number 1, Bhoot Aunde Aa

This is possibly the greatest Halloween Punjabi track ever, a must on desi playlist’s unless your massi is coming


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