The Punjabi Music Industry Losses Another Gem – RIP Surinder Sonia


A voice that launched so many. Surinder Sonia who was the first duet partner of the late great Amar Singh Chamkila has today passed away. Sonia had hits with Surinder Shinda and numerous other singers. Surinder Sonia was the duet queen for a period of time.

The Punjabi singer was only 1 years old when partition split Punjab. Pakistani born Sonia spent the early part of her life in Lucknow.  As a child, Sonia used to do Shabad Kirtan in her Gurudwara but her parents did not want her to sing professionally, reports Ghaint Punjab.

It was only when Surinder Sonia got married in Ludhiana that she was encouraged by her Husband to sing as a career. With the support of her husband, Surinder Sonia hit the live circuit, she was an instant hit on the duet scene. During this time Narinder Biba saw her potential and took the singer under her wing.

Surinder Sonia even after having huge hits disappeared from the scene for many years. The one thing that kept her music alive was young NRI producers who would remix her classic songs. Panjabi MC being the most notable. A lady who launched many, a lady that followed her dream and lady who will be sorely missed by all. Thank you, Surinder Sonia, for the music.


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