The Royal Wedding, Bhangra Playlist By Harv Kudos, From The Entrance To The Dance Off


So on Saturday the Royal wedding will be everywhere, just like MUA’s on Instagram, you will not be able to hide from this! So rather than run from it lets embrace it (we do run from MUA’s though). Now, one thing Desi’s have perfected to a tee is the big fat desi wedding reception, and one of the crews behind the planning for such weddings are Kudos, and a leading DJ from that stable is Harv Kudos, so when we were muling over a Royal wedding desi playlist, he was the one that we had to turn to.

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Harv is never shy in coming forward when it comes to desi bangers, so when Prince Harry rang the office and asked what songs would make his wedding to Meghan Markle a bit more desi, well, agent Harv was on this quicker than a tweet about his beloved Man Utd and cup final tickets!

Check these tracks out, and how Harv just turned the Royal wedding into a big motah desi wedding.

Entrance Track: Jatti by Harjit Harman

Saadi ‘Parriyan To Sohni’ Megan will be introduced into her wedding reception with this upbeat banger. ‘New York de Tower barre Ucche, but England’s Palaces rule’

Cake Cut: Future – Diljit Dosanjh

No doubt Harry is head over heels with Megan, and they will be planning their future so what a way to cut the cake!
How big will the cake be?

First Dance: Ban Ja Rani: Guru Randhawa

Whilst it’s unlikely she’ll make queen status, she will be Harry’s Rani!
We think a live PA from Guru Randhawa for the first dance is a must!

Boys Side Tune: Dil De Raaje by Jass Bajwa

Not only do they not drink cheap drinks, they are of course future Kings, with their
‘educated circle’ this track will bang through the night!

Girls Side Tune: Suit Suit Karda – Guru Randhawa

Megan Markle hit fame with her role in Suits as Rachel Zane, so we’ll be calling Guru Randhawa back onto the stage for one more with,
Tenu Suit Suit Karda Megan!

Family Dance Off – Mama Bada Great – Malkit Singh

With all the past family troubles, Mama Earl Spencer is somewhat of an outsider and there is no way better than playing
Mama Bada Great to get him back integrated with the family!

Queen’s Requests: Jatti Di Queen by Gupz Sehra

The Queen has historically had a frosty relationship with her daughter in laws. This of course a common concern in the Punjabi community. We can see her telling the DJ to play no more songs half an hour before the end! This will be her parting shot at Megan,
predicting Megan will turn out to be a meanie and take all her Zameen!

Prince Charles song to his sons: Sadde Munde Da viah – Dilpreet Dhillon

No doubt Charles will be on the session. So straight after Roti, Charles will be up next to the DJ requesting for this banger.
Watch out for the posh cheekah. AAAOOWW!

Megan’s Family Song: Credit Card – G Sidhu & J Statik

With Megan’s somewhat dysfunctional family background which lacks the wealth of the royals, she’ll be looking for Harry to pull out his credit card.
It will be like a reverse dowry!

Big thank you to Harv Kudos for taking time out to compile the list! Kudos you got a gem here


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