The Sabji Hunter Checks Out The Dara Singh Vegetarian Thali Challenge


Dara Singh Vegetarian Thali. So it was late last Sunday and after having dined out I was just chilling watching David Attenborough’s new show Seven Worlds. If that wasn’t traumatising enough my good friend rang me from Mumbai. Having blown my cover as the Sabji Hunter to this person they informed me they were about to embark on a Human v Vegetarian Food special! Would I like to watch, I had no choice really!

The challenge was taking place at The Mini Punjab restaurant in Mumbai. Thankfully for me, my internet connection went down and I missed the opportunity of seeing my friend filling her face. She failed in her quest for food glory. Though she had intrigued me and I thought we would need to investigate fully what this particular veggie challenge was.

Anything Named After The Legendary Dara Singh Deserves Investigating!

So first and foremost the food at Mini Punjab in Mumbai looks awesome. The food challenge Thali is unreal! They say the challenge will test any competitive eaters digestive system, this does look unreal. The Dara Singh Thali at Mini Punjab’s Lakeside is an insane amount of veggie food. Comprising of 44 items in total, It weighs 2-3 kilos, requires at least two people to carry it to your table, and is usually meant for 5 or 6 people. But, if you eat it alone you don’t have to pay the £20 fee!

As well as curries and roti’s you have rice, yoghurts and salad as soo much more. Desserts are also included. The deserts include a syrupy gulab jamun, some fantastic vanilla ice cream, a flaky and sugary barfi. That’s not it though. We also have a sweet jalebi alongside some rabdi. Just for good measure, the standard moong dal halwa is also included.

This is a feast and a half. I alongside some friends am in Mumbai next year, so this is something I will be trying! To our surprise veteran, competitive eater Randy Santel had tried this particular food challenge! Did he complete it? Watch and see, oh and pray for me as I build up the courage to take this bad boy on next year. Check out how Randy did on the Dara Singh Vegetarian Thali challenge here:

Could you do it?


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