The Sabji Hunter Dines At Neat Burger London


Veganism’s answer to Five Guys? That was one of the claims of Neat Burgers co-founder Ryan Bishti. If that claim is proved right then Lewis Hamilton might as well give up racing and plonk himself down on yet another goldmine!

Neat Burger London is the first of 14 planned chains across the UK. Sites are planned in Manchester, Bristol, Brighton and Edinburgh as well as more across London. The goal is to have more than 100 across the world by 2025 says Ryan Bishti.

So what is Neat Burger? The aim of Neat Burger is to become a prominent high-street plant-based burger chain. Neat Burger serves a core menu of three vegan burgers and one vegan hot dog, accompanied by sides and drinks. So it would be rude of us not to check out all three offerings!

The chain will serve up burgers and hotdogs created by a team of chefs in collaboration with plant-based meat producer Beyond Meat, whose products have been distributed across the United States since 2013.

Neat Burger Diving In

Beyond Meat burgers are made from proteins taken from peas, rice, mung beans, as well as various oils and potato, apple, and sunflower extracts.

Firstly – Price:

The size of all three burgers is not the best, so then going for the larger version means you pay over £10 for just a Burger meal deal! This is not impressive. I’m sure many vegans and vegetarians know that we have to pay more but over £10 for fast food burger meal? Come on guys!

Secondly – The Vegan Cheese on my fries:

Vegan cheese is hard to get right and Neat Burger may wish to go back to the drawing board with this one. The fries actually taste ‘sweet’ weird, but it was not just me, but all four of us who disliked the sweet style fries. These may well be something we refrain from next time.

The Neat Burger

The Neat burger is quite enjoyable, is it amazing, possibly not. The flavour is impressive, and the meat-like the texture of the patty is good, but where is the magic? It’s chewy and does the trick, the caramelised onions do add some extra flavour to the burger, but all in all, not stand out.  The burger sauce was the best feature of the Neat Burger.

The Chicken Burger

For us, this is better than KFC’s Imposter burger. This chicken burger reminds us of the Mcdonalds Chicken burger, we have lettuce & plant-based mayonnaise on top of our chicken breast. This works for us! Great taste and flavour, this appeased everyone in the group, this trumps the burger for us!


The Neat Burger certainly has made a great effort to appease former meat-eaters who have turned vegan/vegetarian. We were pleasantly surprised by the food and we did eat all that was offered. The annoying thing for us in this particular Neat Burger was how many people had their phones out and were more interested in the scenery than food. The burger joint is very Instagramable, but eat some food people and if you don’t wish to, then let others sit down!

Would we come again, yes, would it become as regular as other vegan/vegetarian burger joints? Possibly not, as over £10 for a burger meal that does not fill you up is not good value!  Think Neat Burger need to think about pricing, Anyway see you next time we are slightly peckish and not on a budget!


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