The Sabji Hunter & Grill Squad Dine Out @ Burger Singhs!


The sun was shining in London and the Desi Grills (Meat Squad) team linked the Sabji Hunter (Team Veg) and went on a mission to satisfy their food desires, so we decided to try out the much talked about Burger Singh, would it live up to the hype?

First and foremost, Burger Singh is a “craft” burger chain that are based in selected pubs in and around London, so if you are looking for stand alone Burger venue, be aware that Burger Singh’s are in Pubs.

Anyway once we arrived the Rising Sun was quite busy with drinkers but not many were eating, not that we could see, this was strange. Anyway it might mean we get served quicker….

The Menu 

As you can see from the menu above the options are not plentiful, we the meat squad went for the wings and team veg, well they had the option of fries, so they had fries!

Considering not many were eating, the fries and wings took almost 30 minutes to get to us, we would have left to be honest but the food had been paid for.

Team VegThe Dilli Fries, these were OK, slightly spiced and with a nice crunch, but after 30 minutes waiting time, anything would have been eaten.

Meat SquadThe Hot Wings, these were quite impressive, a real nice kick of spice, not overly hot, just right, and they had us licking our fingers really impressive.


Team Veg -Decided to go for the BBQ Aloo Chana Burger, well it was the only one on the menu, and it just did not hit the mark, very bland, with not a lot going for it at all, the onions and mushrooms must have only felt the pan as they were not cooked. Man’s left Hungry

Meat Squad – We had a couple of burgers;

The United States of Punjab, well, this should have been called the disjointed states of Punjab as this really did disappoint. Bland, no magic and cold, nothing standout at all, after all the hype we are disappointed.

Awadhi Burger –  This was warm at least, but other than that much like the burger above, it was bland and just was not impressive, we actually left what we had.


The hype surrounding Burger Singh on social media surely had us intrigued, so we felt it our duty to go and visit. Unfortunately we were left extremely disappointed. The staff, the food and overall experience was very disappointing.

Waiting times were too long, and we just felt like grabbing hold of the staff and shaking them to say “pull yourself together” but we couldn’t!

The Rising Sun is a lovely venue, and the hygiene is fantastic, the beers are on point, and we will leave it on that note! We went for curry and that was pukka!!


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