The Sabji Hunter Looks At The M&S Biryani Roll & Ask’s “Why The Fuss”


So it seems as if M&S have upset a few people with their new ‘Vegan sweet potato wrap’, strange, as most the Asians who we have spoke to, seem to have actually purchased it on a regular basis and enjoyed it. Is this curry issue being blown out of proportion? Or is it a wrap that needs unraveling.

The £2.80 vegan wrap – spelt ‘biriyani’ by M&S, has attracted a backlash, with critics calling for the product to be pulled from shelves due to a top chef and a restaurant saying M&S have fallen foul of ‘cultural appropriation’. They claim the retailer is taking advantage of Indian food to make money while not providing an authentic and traditional meal. Biryani, a popular curry all-in-one dish was traditionally made with chicken or mutton and always contains rice. (Check out the article in full and in detail at The Metro)

Chef and author of Indian Kitchen Maunika Gowardhan tweeted a photo of the wrap to express her disappointment.

Top restaurant Darjeeling Express shared Maunika’s tweet and accused M&S of failing to do its research. The restaurant is run by chef Asma Khan, who is the first British chef to feature in the hit Netflix show Chef’s Table.

And food lover Ashley John also waded in…

Seriously though, is this just a non issue? I mean we know plenty of people who have veggie biryani’s and we as Asians have changed so many other dishes to suit our own needs. Me personally, I enjoyed it as did my kids, and we see no issue with the veggie offering.

Check out the article in full via the Metro


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