The Sabji Hunter Presents – The Samosa Files, Charlies (Pure Vegetarian), Oldbury


The journey continues people, this week the Sabji Hunter and his merry band of Samosa lovers have ventured to Oldbury, yes we did stop off at the Ivy Bush for a beer or two, but it was all justified. The samosa life is not an easy life.

In the first Samosa files outing we reviewed two shops, but due to a severe backlash from people, we will now only be picking a winner(s) per town.

So having tried 3 shops in Oldbury we came to the conclusion that the winner and provider of the best desi  delights in Oldbury is – Charlies and here are the reasons why….

First things first, the car parking situation around here has improved, opposite Charlies we now have a small car park, this is a god send. The amount of times we have had to park just around the corner by the barbers and risk a fine was unreal, and TBH it was one of the reasons we were reluctant to come this time round, but thank fully this issue has been resolved.

As soon as we walk in we join a queue, this place is busy, no matter what time of day you arrive, Charlies is always busy, if you have a large order the best thing is to ring ahead, otherwise, you will be waiting your turn.

Charlies Sweet Centre make samosas/spring rolls and pakoreh fresh, so when you get them they are piping hot and fresh. One big thing that makes Charlies different to other shops in Oldbury is the use of traditional short crust pastry and not filo pastry, this is a big factor. So we have our samosas and other delights and it is off to the car park with our brown paper bag full of goodies.

Samosa: Let us just put this out there, these are possibly the best Samosas we have ever had, they are consistently on point, the pastry is fresh and provides a great protection barrier to what lays within. Every element inside is as good as we have tasted , these are the standard bearers.

Spring Roll: These just like the samosas these were a delight, if not slightly better! The paneer and stuffing was almost perfect, these have us in dream land, these are fantastic.

Pakora:  Crispy, light, and completely moreish! These do not hit the heights of the Samosa and Spring Rolls but that would be big ask, these are damn impressive though.

White Barfi, moist, and melts in the mouth, the barfi is popular at Charlies hence it is always fresh and even though it melts in the mouth the flavours remain and I just wish we could join my taste buds as the party in mouth seems to be banging.

Ladoo, these were fresh, how do we know? We saw them put out in front of us lol, these like the barfi are full of flavour and leave a great taste in the mouth.

Gajrela, well everyone is at the party so the carrots might as well join in too, damn impressive, just like the two other sweets these are on point.

Conclusion: For us, Charlies was an easy winner in Oldbury, the food is fresh, the staff are attentive and they smile, some other shops could learn from this, a smile goes a long way.

The hot food is almost perfection, the fact that the shop is busy means the food is always fresh and this makes such a difference. Traditional pastry and not puff pastry is also a massive winner for us, if you haven’t tried out Charlies Sweet Center yet, then get yourself out of Greggs and into a real pastry heaven.

Congratulations Charlies, Oldbury is yours!


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