The Sabji Hunter Presents – The Samosa Files, Smethwick High Street


As we got off the M5, the plan was to go to Cape Hill, but we decided to take a detour via Smethwick High Street, why? The Sabji squad was hungry and the urge to reopen the samosa files proved too tempting, so out came the wet wipes (yes we keep a stash in the car) and forward we marched into the unknown world of the Samosa Files – Smethwick!

We put aside the moaning of one or two of the team who wanted to go and feast in the Red Cow and instead we partied hard once we managed to get a parking spot on Smethwick High St, this alone is an achievement!

Jalandhar Sweet Centre:

This shop has been here ever since we have known, so it was only right that we pay homage to the Jalandhar Sweet Centre by eating their food.

First off Jalandhar Sweet Centre is not huge on customer service, if you go in not knowing what you want, you will be asked to stand aside whilst others look at you like a freak as they order, the Sabji Hunter is not happy!

I have had to kind of rush my order as I did not want to have to join the queue again, so I ordered some Spring Rolls and Samoseh and left the store. Customer service people!!

The Samoseh were fresh, you could still see the steam as you bit into them, the chutney is damn impressive. The filling is impressive though maybe a tad sparse, the pastry is fresh and hand made and rolled which is good, the size of the somosa compared to the filling is a bit misleading, but the taste is not, these are fresh and good and by far the best we have had on the High Street.

The Spring Rolls, these are actually better than the somaseh, the filling is full off flavour and paneer ration is impressive per bite, the pastry is crisp and these bad boys are fresh, these are one of the reasons we have to award the Best Samoseh/Spring Rolls in Smethwick to Jalandhar Sweet Centre!

The Samosa Files are about more than just the hot food, and like we said we did not order any from Jalandhar Sweet Centre due to being made to feel awkward for not knowing what to order lol! We tried the 2 different sweet shops on the High Street and our winner for the best Indian Sweets has to go to Chawla Sweet Centre.

Nijjar Sweet Centre:

We were greeted with a smile and served promptly, Nijjar sweet centre was busy, but we were not rushed and managed to have a good look around , the desi sweets here really did inspire us to get more lol.

White Barfi: Moist, and fresh, no hint of these been anything but fresh, the flavour sat in your mouth even when consumed, really well flavored and the way in which they have been condensed means they do not fall apart though they are fresh!

Ladoo: Not a hint of grease, these are moist and fresh and really do hold their shape once you dive in, impressive.

Gajrela: On par with the previous two sweets, the fact that these still feel fresh is a big plus point and really helps these.

Conclusion: Smethwick High Street is one place that we love, never a dull moment, whether it is watching the revolving doors at the Turkmenistan Airlines office or listening to the angry ladies being forthright in Takhar Travel centre, this place is never dull.

The Samosa/Spring roll award for Smethwick goes to Jalandhar Sweet Centre, but this week we have to split the award, and the Barfi winner is Nijjar Sweet Centre.

Big lesson, when customer service lets you down, you only get half the rewards! Now the Red Cow anyone?


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