The Sabji Hunter Tries The Vegan Bacon Sandwich


When in London do as the hipsters do, that is the Sabji Hunter motto. So whilst staying with family the talk turns to a new food offering from cafe chain Coco di Mama. See how the conversation has already turned hipster? So what is this new food offering from Coco Di Mama – The Vegan Bacon Sandwich. Is Piers Morgan aroused yet?

Coco Di Mama is using a meat alternative made by THIS. THIS is the UK-based vegan producer that also developed pea protein chicken breasts used in burgers at Lewis Hamilton’s new plant-based fast-food chain. It’s made from soya beans and peas, with flavourings, canola oil, and potato starch.

So how did it taste? The creators of the new Vegan Bacon Sandwich have said that “sizzles like actual bacon when cooked, mimicking the real thing in taste, texture, appearance and smell”. The issue for me is I don’t wish to smell it or just enjoy seeing it being cooked.

I want to try it!

Vegan Bacon Sandwich

First Impression: It does not look the best! The bacon is dark in colour and looks very thick. You eat with your eyes is the saying and this just looks slightly off-putting for me as a vegetarian. The colour and the texture look more like beef than bacon. So visually this not a winner. I added lashings of sauce to ensure I masked its appearance.

It tastes like something, ok, I got it, petrol station sandwich bacon. Those cold BLT sandwiches I used to get when in my driving days this is that taste. Weirdly it has a rubbery type texture to it, I did find I had to chew more than I expected. The smell is there, the taste is not bad, but the look and rubbery feel really have put me off.

Verdict: For someone who used to be a fan of the old bacon buttie I was quite excited to try this. I don’t know if my expectations were too high, but it just failed to hit the mark. Would I try it again? Possibly yes, the cost of the Sandwich is only £2.95 and that does appease me. Next time, I will just not make eye contact! Think I may just wait for a larger scale roll out before trying this again.


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