The Sabji Hunter Vegan Specials We Check Out Greggs, McDonalds & Costa!


Sabji Hunter Vegan Specials: You know what it’s like! After Christmas, all you want is fast food and to escape the kitchen for a few days. That is if, like me, you spent the festive season cooking, if not, just carry on reading anyway. Veganism and Vegetarianism are becoming the lifestyle choices for so many these days, so its no surprise that today High St chains revealed new options for people like you and me. On that note, it would be very rude of me to not check these items out, I mean, I am doing it for us all.

McDonalds: The Vegan Dipper Meal

The dippers are filled with red pepper rice, tomato pesto and split pea mix, and will be a permanent menu addition.  The veggie dippers will be available as both a single menu item and as a meal.

Four individual dippers will set you back £3.29, or you can get a medium meal for £4.99. The dippers will also be available as part of a happy meal, which is set to cost the reasonable price of £2.99. These were good, but it’s the parking up bit we don’t like! Every time I order a veggie/vegan alternative it’s can you please park up! Argghhhhh. Why did you forget about me when I had parked up!

Greggs: The Steak Bake

After the success of the Vegan Sausage roll, this has a lot to live up to. The vegan steak bake has been designed to mimic its meat-based bake, with thin layers of puff pastry, but stuffed with Quorn not beef, mixed with diced onion and meat-free gravy. This bad boy is priced at £1.55, full roll out to all stores is from January 16th.

Loved this, less greasy then the meat version and the gravy is bang on point! This for £1.55 is pretty impressive!

Costa: Vegan Smokey Ham & CheeZe Toastie

If like me you need that daily coffee fix then Costa is always a pleasure. So I was pleased to find out that Costa now offers a Vegan Smokey Ham & CheeZe Toastie. If you are missing the simple things in life like a good ham and cheese sandwich since becoming vegan, then you have to try this.

I trialled this with my partner who is a meat-eater, I got them this without telling them it was a vegan option. The fact that my partner was totally unaware that it was a meat-free option with Cheeze and not cheese proves how good this is. A nice simple offering from Costa that really works!

Also available again from today after a successful trial last year is the KFC Vegan Burger, which was launched as the Imposter Burger. Check out our review from last year here:

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