The Sabji Hunter Visits Camden Town & Dives Into What The Pitta


What the Pitta
89-91 Bayham St, Camden Town, London NW1 0AG

From time to time, what some of us vegetarians crave is something greasy, with a meaty texture. So when we heard about a joint that serves up vegan kebab, it had to be investigated.

Across various locations around London, we opted to visit the Camden branch, as we were in the area. It’s set behind the high street and away from Camden Market, so you don’t get masses of people walking past. A short walk from the tube.

This is a small place, two stools at a window seat and an island bar in the middle of the room, with just two more stools under it. You can’t help but think they need more seating in here, but at four in the afternoon, we were the only two customers so it didn’t matter. I guess it’s more of a takeaway joint in the evening.

Customer service
Friendly warm welcome on arrival and we were guided through the short and concise menu.

Certainly a laid back back like the rest of Camden.

Plenty of bottles and cans in fridge were available, from soft drinks to craft beers.

Now to the food. Probably not what most people would want at four in the afternoon, I would guess it’d be a more popular option in the evening after a drink or two, but we haven’t got all day in the area and we’re going in.

We opt for the vegan donner in pitta and the chip box with doner on top.

At first look the portions don’t seem massive, but are certainly not small.

We tuck in, and our first impressions? We do find the soya kebab quite greasy and oily, but it is tasty. The chip box is our favourite, the chips being fried and crispy, soaking up the kebab and chilli sauce flavours.

We go for the full works on the salad and it complements the soya pieces well, the tzatziki is refreshing against the chilli sauce.

Be prepared to keep wiping your face though, this is messy food, but that’s the whole point isn’t it.
We pay £13.90 for the pita kebab and a doner and chips box.


All the table tops, floors and ordering area were spotlessly clean when we visited.

Overall 7

If you want a meaty vegan kebab, you could do a lot worse than this place.

The soya is quite greasy though and we’re not sure if it would be to all tastes, but it is a good effort on a veggie reincarnation of a kebab.


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  1. Thanks for your review and taking some great pics! You can always ask for the Döner to be cooked without oil which would make it less oily too. Have a great weekend. – Cem

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