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Mowgli (Manchester)

Well what an extraordinary weekend it has been, apna Harvinder and Mindo’s Royal wedding, the daylight robbery at the FA cup final, and a certain dosanjhan wala playing out to a full house in Brum.

If like me you attended none of the above and just watched from afar, then all I can say is you were in good company. Anyway this week I visited a great place called Mowgli in Manchester.

Mowgli is situated in the Corn Exchange in the City Centre just a stone’s throw away from the Arndale shopping centre. It’s about 15 mins away from the home of the greatest premiership football team in history, and 10 mins away from the emptyhad. In terms of parking, there are plenty of NCP’s nearby including at the Arndale centre and the Printworks. This is the Sabji Hunters first food review in Manchester, and I don’t think it will be the last. The corn exchange is a great location with many eateries to choose from.

Sabji Hunter Insight
Mowgli for those that don’t know is the name of the lead character in Rudyard Kipling’s the Jungle book who as a child is bought up by a pack of wolves.

The chain of Mowgli restaurants (2 in Manchester and 1 in Liverpool) was founded by Nisha Katona in 2014, when the Barrister gave up her career to focus on her eatery project.

Appearance & Entry
First impressions when you enter is wow, it’s a great setting within the Corn Exchange – which has retained much of its Edwardian architecture. The Mowgli restaurant is set on three floors of seating. The kitchen is on the top floor. On the day we visited they were only using the middle floor, and it was fairly busy. We were promptly seated and an attendant was with us in no time. Mowgli specialises in Indian street food – that’s music to my ears. The menu is simple yet clever, the food is tapas style portions, and is more akin to what you would get at any Indian home rather than the stereotypical Indian restaurant. There are a selection of soft drinks, Lassi’s, hot bevarages, wines, bottled beers and cocktails (non-alcoholic too) to choose from. Please note meat and veg dishes are available at this restaurants.

Let’s move onto the food, I started with the yogurt chat bombs. These are filled with chickpeas, spiced yogurts, tamarind and coriander. You get 5 of these in a portion, and they are delicious. You are best advised to just take the bomb as a whole in your mouth, as biting it may cause a mess.

Another dish I have been told that is one to be tried is the mowgli chip butty – maybe I’ll try that out next time as it has been highly recommended.

For the main I went for the Mowgli Paneer which is simmered with velvety sweet, spiced tomatoes, garden peas and fresh spinach. The food arrives in tiffin boxes which is a novelty, and the presentation of the dish is spot on. It did have an overall “sweet” taste but I loved the paneer dish. The portion is slightly on the small size so be weary of this when ordering, although they are very quick at bringing food to you, so you could order more as and when required.

The second main dish was the Tea Steeped Chickpeas. This was another fantastic dish which I enjoyed, this was more spicier than the paneer for sure. Both dishes were similar to dishes I’d have at home, so I’m happy to say that I’d agree with Nisha claims that these dishes are what you’d find in Indian homes.

For dessert I went for gulab jamun and ice cream. The portion was bigger than I expected, and I struggled to finish my dessert which is a first. Nevertheless a great dish, and a great finish to an enjoyable dining experience.

The location is fantastic, and the venue is brilliant. The service was very good and prompt. All the dishes we tried were spot on and I was really impressed with the paneer. I’m a fan and will be returning, I think you should give it a go

For the above reasons we give it a 8.7 – A MUST VISIT


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