The Sabji Hunter Visits The Khushi Grill – Vegetarian Heaven or ??


Khushi Grill (Coventry)
After what seemed like an eternity, the Sabji Hunter is back. This time he’s back in the midlands… well Coventry anyway. There’s an English idiom “Send someone to Coventry” – which means to deliberately ostracise someone. See we’re not just a food reviewer’s we like to educate folk now and again too.

Khushi Grill was recently reviewed by the meat eating crew, and this time we wanted to check the veggie menu. Let’s see how it fared. Check out the desi grill review here


Khushi grill is located very close to junction 4 of the M6 – it’s about 10 mins away. The Ricoh arena is a mere 5 mins away, easily walkable distance too. There is a car park, however you must give your car reg to the bar staff when ordering food to avoid your car being towed away. Or you can do what I did and park in a mates drive and walk across the road – not sure he’d be too happy if you all turned up though.

Appearance & Entry:

We entered through the grill entrance rather than the main pub entrance. I’m told this is the new part of the pub. It’s a nice place as you walk in, plenty of TV’s for sports, and lots of tables and chairs. The atmosphere is good, there’s a good mix of people, and there are a few large family parties taking place too. It’s a Friday evening so there are plenty of folk about.


As discussed in the other review, the drinks selection is very good. Plenty of choices available. I’ll have an appletizer please bar man.

It Begins:

We get served quickly at the bar and grab a table. We then check the food menu and walk up to the food ordering area. I order the chilli paneer and veggie mince, we are given a buzzer to notify us of when it will be ready for. Something to note you have to collect your own plates and cutlery – which not all punters are happy about overhearing some conversations. The lady taking the food order wasn’t the happiest person in the world. A smile costs nothing. The buzzer goes off after ½ an hour, which is pretty good considering how busy it is, however both dishes arrive at the same time which is annoying.

The Food:

Chilli paneer: The chilli paneer is cooked in a spicy sauce and has plenty of peppers and onions. It’s a very nice dish, well presented, and also has the right level of spice. I thoroughly enjoyed the dish, a big thumbs up for this one.

The veg mince was a let down, it didn’t taste fresh and was way too spicy. I couldn’t finish my plate, and I never leave food on the table. I’m usually able to handle my spices but this was too much for me – so please be aware of that.


The location is very good and very easily accessible. It was pretty busy when we attended and we only had to wait ½ an hour for the food. Seemed like a family friendly environment on the grill side of the pub on the day we visited. They had staff cleaning tables and picking up dishes regularly, so not sure why staff couldn’t bring out food to the tables too. Oh and I’d like to remind the lady to smile a little whilst taking orders. The Chilli Paneer was spot on, however the veg mince just didn’t taste fresh and was way too spicy.

For the above reasons we give it a 7.5 – worth a visit, but they could do better If they brushed up on a few things,


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