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Friday saw the Bobby Friction documentary “Pump Up The Bhangra” aired on the BBC, the documentary got a massive build up, and rightly so as Bhangra shaped the desi youth and culture of today. Since it was aired the reaction of viewers has been mainly positive, but we have had eyebrows raised by those who watched the show at the exclusion of so many pioneering bands.

One of those pioneering bands was the Sahotas and Mukhtar has took to social media tonight to air his thoughts on the show and the exclusion of not only the Sahotas but other bands/acts such as The Safri Boys and Malkit Singh and AS Kang.

The Facebook post certainly got people talking, here are some of Mukhtar Sahota’s quotes

The Sahotas were the first UK born Asian ‘boy band’, who performed at the Royal Albert Hall in 1986 and we went on to release our first album in 1987. Renowned for our sound of Reggae fusion, we had a huge impact on the sound of Asian music in Britain in the 80s & 90s. We performed from day-timers to the gig circuit and world tours, we were also the support act for the ‘Aswad Tour’ in the UK which was a great achievement being an Asian band. To date the Sahotas still continue to influence Asian artists/bands.

The simple fact is, none of that can be argued against, and neither can this…

There were a few major artists who were also missed out of this documentary which is a huge error on behalf of the research team, artists such as A S Kang, Safri Boys, Azaad and Pardesi who actually released an album by the same title as the documentary!

Those bands should have been mentioned, and raises the question is this all a build up to part 2 of the documentary, as someone like Bobby Friction who is so knowledgeable about the scene would not have left these guys out without a good reason. So hopefully we will get a part 2.

Mukhtar – The ‘Asian Underground’ scene never supported Bhangra/Punjabi music and it was always frowned upon, I was very surprised to see input from them talking about Bhangra!

The above point is very relevant, the UK Bhangra industry never did get support from the “Asian Underground” so why they got to talk about an industry they looked down on was a big surprise.

60 minutes is not long to discuss almost 50 years worth of music and some things will get missed, knowing Bobby, this is not something he would have done deliberately as he has talked about these acts with such great passion previously, so are we going to get a part 2? Let’s hope so people, but just remember, even then you will have fans saying where was so and so… Our UK Bhangra history is so rich this show needs to be a box set. Come the BBC give us what we deserve…….

Check out the facebook post and comments here in full from Mukhtar Sahota:


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