The Samosa Sandwhich – The Sabji Hunter Is Not Best Pleased


The world is changing people and it seems that we are failing to keep abreast of such changes, if it’s not Bollywood ripping off Bhangra tunes then it’s western foodies ripping up the Punjabi food rule book. The latest to suffer it seems the mighty Samosa (all hail the samosa)! Ask yourself foodies – When did the Samosa ever harm you for you to treat it like this!!

It all started with this tweet from Dinesh Kumar – This ladies and gentlemen is a Samosa Sandwich as offered by Pamban Chai and Coffee house, this certainly did split opinions, one thing is for sure though, we will be popping into Pamban’s to give this a go!

Since we retweeted Dinesh Kumar’s tweet our inboxes have been flooded with people telling us about other versions of the samosas. So, we thought it only best to share such images so that you can fully grasp the hard times the traditional samosa is going through.

The Chocolate Samosa – This seems to be popular amongst desi’s, but it does highlight our lack of imagination. As Indians our desserts are pretty poor, so what do we do? Stick chocolate in a household favorite!

The Egg Samosa – This had  to come from some gym freaks, egg samosa’s are stuffed with chopped boiled eggs or scrambled eggs, why? Really why do this! Imagine the padh smell

The Chowmein Samosa – TBH, we as Indians deserve this, we stole the spring roll and made it our own, so this was bound to happen and in India chowmeain/noodles are in every food it seems.

The Tuna Samosa – This had to happen after a heavy night, I can imagine some student waking up with hangover and needing food and then deciding to add a can of John West’s to his samosa. Saleh Tuna!

The Jam Samosa – Again I’m blaming students, budgeting led them to firstly eat the original contents then to make food last they just added jam, strangely, this is actually quite popular in south India for some reason.

The Shrimp Samosa – Really, I think people are having us on now! This has to be some arty chef trying to think out the box, shrimp de lag deh!

My heads all over the place right now, so I’m going for a walk, but if like me you like the orignal samosa then check out my search for the perfect samosa here at the Samosa Files.


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