The Sardar & The Disabled Bay Parking


We see it every time we are out, bad parking, cars parked where they should not be and it does infuriate you. We as desi’s are the worst for it, don’t pretend we are not, we are! Traffic wardens have a field day on outside wedding halls and places of worship.

Last week the Daily Mail reported that a driver who returned to his sportscar after a designer shopping spree discovered had received a fine for parking in a disabled bay.

The unnamed Sardar left his black, matte Lamborghini in a parking bay reserved for blue badge holders only, near to the Harrods Store in London. The disabled bay is clearly marked out as reserved for disabled people both on the ground and on the signpost just a few feet away from it.

The driver was photographed as he returned to his sportscar wearing blue jeans and a yellow t-shirt carrying a black Dolce & Gabbana shopping bag in his hand.

As he peeled the penalty charge notice off of his windscreen, he was confronted by a passing member of the public for using the space illegitimately.

After a short interaction, the driver appeared to check his vehicle for damage before getting in and driving away.

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