The Sherwani & £500 Goods – The Videos Taking Over Social Media


Picture the scenario, you have your wedding in two weeks and the Sherwani you have ordered is still not with you!

Well, that is allegedly what happened to a customer in Shimmers on Soho Rd. The customer then helped himself to items in the shop which he said he would return once he was given his pre-ordered and pre-paid for Sherwani!

These videos have gone viral across the globe with opinion divided! Was the man right or wrong to do what he did? The Sherwani videos are not going away and the wedding is getting closer! Should the shop have delivered on time? Would you pre-pay for something you have not tried and tested?


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  1. The customer and his entourage treated an innocent worker at the shop with total disrespect. Their problem was with the owners, not the staff. Take goods, that’s fine, but treat people with respect.

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