The Sikh Channel Is Being Investigated Over “Serious Regulatory Concerns”


The Sikh Channel, which is a broadcasting charity is being investigated over “serious regulatory concerns”, reports the BBC. The Charity Commission said it launched an inquiry in to the governance and financial management of Birmingham-based Sikh Channel Community Broadcasting Company Limited. Its findings will be published when the probe is completed.

The Charity Commissions probe started in November after concerns resulting from a meeting with the charity’s trustees. The Sikh Channel is “looking to make improvements”, the commission said.

The independent regulator of charities said it would examine whether trustees had properly exercised their legal duties and responsibilities under charity law in the administration of charitable funds held by the organisation.

It will also look at the financial management of the organisation, whether there has been private benefit to the trustees or former trustees, the charity’s activities and partnerships with other organisations and the conduct of the trustees.

The Sikh Channel provides a European free-to-air television platform, based in Aston, broadcasting daily live television shows from across the world.

The commission said that since the opening of the inquiry new trustees and a new chief executive have been appointed to the charity, who were looking to make improvements.

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