The UK’s Amar Singh Drops His New Song – Soch


UK singer Amar Singh has released the follow up to his debut single Hassdi Aa. Soch is out now on all platforms. The music for new Punjabi song Soch is by Inda Bains, Lyrics are penned by Gurminder Maddoke.

Amar Singh has a lot of potential, a solid voice and a distinctive feel to how he delivers his vocals. His new song Soch is more of a ballad style compared to his previous release. The song is produced well with the emphasis on the vocal ability of Amar Singh. This is a good follow up to this debut single and the clever thing about doing a ballad is it showcases how good Amar could be. Let’s hope we hear more from Amar Singh in 2019.

The debut single from Amar Singh was produced by Aman Hayer. The song caught the attention of a lot of people who commented on vocally how good Amar Singh sounded. Check out the debut single here:


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