The UK’s Cheapest & Most Expensive Pints! The Guide


This weekend saw the start of the Football league season in England and as the country now gears up for the launch of the EPL. What could be better for the travelling football fan than a local beer price guide?

The good people at consumer website have compiled a list of the cheapest and most expensive places in the UK to get a pint. So how does your city do in the list?  Check out the list below via, starting with the most expensive:

London  (Average Cost per pint) £5.18
Brighton and Hove  £4.53
Cambridge  £4.40
Bristol  £4.36
Edinburgh  £4.19
Oxford  £4.14
Reading  £4.12
Portsmouth  £4.11
Manchester  £4.11
Belfast  £4.05
Birmingham  £3.94
Southampton  £3.92
Exeter  £3.91
Ipswich  £3.81
Glasgow  £3.79
Leicester  £3.73
York  £3.72
Poole  £3.71
Norwich  £3.70
Luton  £3.68
Plymouth  £3.66
Inverness  £3.62
Northampton  £3.61
Gloucester  £3.61
Aberdeen  £3.60
Nottingham  £3.59
Leeds  £3.57
Aberystwyth  £3.56
Newcastle upon Tyne  £3.53
Coventry  £3.52
Peterborough  £3.51
Cardiff  £3.46
Sheffield  £3.37
Swansea  £3.31
Dundee  £3.29
Southend-on-Sea  £3.29
Stoke-on-Trent  £3.29
Kingston upon Hull  £3.27
Liverpool  £3.27
Sunderland  £3.25
Perth  £3.07
Preston  £3.06

It comes as no surprise that the UK’s most expensive city to grab a drink is London. The cheapest place to get a pint (out of the 42 largest cities analysed) is Preston. A beer here will cost you £3.06, which is 41% (or £2.12) less than London!

Following Preston, Perth and Sunderland are the second and third cheapest cities to buy a beer. Compared to the £3.06 for Preston, Perth charges £3.07 and Sunderland’s average is £3.25. On the pricier side, Brighton and Hove is the second most expensive city to buy a beer. Despite charging £4.53 in Brighton and Hove, London is still 14% more expensive.

If you are going abroad you may also find this information handy:

The 5 countries with the most expensive beer

1. Doha, Qatar £10.30
2. Dubai, United Arab Emirates £9.92
3. Oslo, Norway £7.95
4. Manama, Bahrain £7.76
5. Reykjavik, Iceland £7.00

The 5 countries with the cheapest beer

1. Maputo, Mozambique £0.39
2. Caracas, Venezuela £0.42
3. Juba, South Sudan £0.47
4. Pyongyang, North Korea £0.70
5. Tashkent, Uzbekistan £0.76

Looks like Maputo is for the annual lads outing this year… 


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