The UK’s Leading Competitive Eater Takes On Desi Grills


It was in June 2019 when Channel 4 gave the UK an insight into the world of competitive eating. Very much a thing in the US and North America competitive eating had made its way over to the UK in a big way. One of those highlighted was the UK’s leading competitive eater Leah Shutkever, and last week she took on a Desi Grill challenge at the Rowley Regis Bar and Grill.

Leah, who hits the gym six times a week, holds the world record for eating a Terry’s Chocolate Orange – in just 65 seconds. She can also smash her way through a dozen Krispy Kreme doughnuts in under a minute.

After finishing off a burrito in just 44 seconds – a new record – Leah reveals how she takes on the challenges, explaining: “Over 80 percent of competitive eating is psychological.

“My brain turns to mush when I’m doing a challenge. I don’t smell, or taste, or hear.”

Check out how Leah performs at Rowley Regis Bar and Grill here:

And if you want to try out a Desi Grill Challange why not check out our guide to the Grills v Man challenges on offer around the area by clicking this link.


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