The Viral Punjabi Wedding – The Families Threaten To Sue Venue


The Punjabi wedding that went viral is back in the headlines. This time due to a row that has erupted between the families whose wedding it was and the venue. The Ramada Hotel in Wolverhampton is disputing claims from the family about the breach of privacy.

Video footage of the brawl at the Ramada Hotel in Wolverhampton last month went viral. Three people were taken to hospital with injuries and police were called but no arrests made.

Family members of the bride and groom are threatening to sue the hotel for an alleged breach of privacy. The families are claiming that staff filmed the fight and uploaded the footage on to social media, and say there was a lack of safeguarding at the function attended by 500 guests. The footage once uploaded went viral.

The hotel strongly refutes the claims. The family have formed The Ramada Injured Party Action Group, demanding an apology from the hotel for its alleged failings on October 12. The group claims to have received a bill for £85,000 to cover damages but the hotel described the figure as “ridiculous”, adding it was nowhere near that amount.

Some of the group staged a protest outside the Grade II-listed Ramada, wearing hi-vis yellow jackets and holding placards with slogans such as Absolute Invasion of Privacy and No Duty of Care.

They claim people could have been seriously injured as a result of alleged poor crowd control. Guests were also suffering “ongoing trauma” as a result of the broadcasts online. However, a Ramada spokesman said today: “These claims are all fabricated. We refute them entirely.”


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