Three UK Punjabi Releases Reflecting The UK Music Generations


The music scene in the UK his becoming more varied by the day. This week’s three releases more than reflected that. We have something fresh from one of the earlier pioneers of the scene, something from the Wedding DJ era and also something from the new skool of UK Punjabi producers.

So we thought we would take a look at all three releases and see how each has a different targetted market. So let us begin with a release from one of the early pioneers of the UK Bhangra scene.

Amarjit Sidhu – No One Like You

Amarjit Sidhu holds his own place in UK Bhangra history. He is the innovator behind UK Bhangra Music awards and also holds the record for the best selling album on the Roma Music Bank label (Kamlee 3). Mr Sidhu is one of the nicest people in the industry, genuine and honest and always smiling.  This latest release may not appeal to the new generation of music fans. But, No One Like You is Amarjit Sidhu doing what he likes best, strings, chords and a real live music feel. If you, like so many others still love that early UK Punjabi music sound then this deserves a spin.

DJ Rags – Hawa Ft. Rani Randeep

If you were a wedding DJ what was the best way to get your name out there? Release song! What’s better than a business card that is on TV and sets by other DJ’s. DJ Rags is one of those DJ/Producers from that middle generation. A vocal from India produced here in the UK, it has tumbi, music pieces and the everything you associate with that DJ/Producer period. If you enjoyed that era then this is targetted at you. A fun video, a simple tune and some good vocals from Rani Randeep.

Jag Bancil, Happe Singh – Hangover

Jag Bancil is a new producer who has been influenced by the two scenes we mentioned above. He has used that knowledge to create a sound for himself. In addition to what has gone before him, Jag Bancil has used the sites and sounds from today’s scene to carve himself a piece of the pie. This is Jag Bancil’s third release of 2020 each one highlighting a new set of skills. Hangover musically is impressive, a more confident producer, a belive in his sound, yes Mr Bancil more in 2020, please.

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