Thug Life by Ran Singh Ft Inder Minhas- Tupac Would Turn In His Grave


When Tupac wrote “Thug Life” I bet he never envisaged that it would become a bible for Punjabi artists trying to live that life? Well, here is another song that attempts to be thuggish but does nothing more than rise an eye brow in utter shock as to what these people deem to be a good song/video!

Ran Singh is the singer and he has bought along Inder Minhas, when we were writing this article we were unable to confirm whether both Ran and Inder were cribs or bloods! If you wish to release a song that shows your gangsta side, maybe a burning teddy bear is not the right option either, the hired fire arms are also a big no no.

Artists do see the gangster lifestyle as a way to score points to get a quick following, but come on guys the public are wising up, and this will not “Bang”


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