Tigerstyle Go In For Producers With Social Media Rant


Tigerstyle, they need no introduction, the Scottish based producers are much sought after in the industry for acts who want that something different and hard edged. Now bearing that in mind, Tigerstyle are not shy in coming forward with their views on the music scene or about things that are going on in and around it currently.

Friday morning, Raj from Tigerstyle, went in, and he did not just represent himself in the tweet, but many other producers who always struggle with payments from India based artists, even after the release of a track.

Now, keeping that touch of class about them, Tigerstyle did not name and shame the artists involved, they have recently worked with Miss Pooja and Tarseem Jasser, but like we said Tigerstyle have kept quite on that bit. Hopefully that means the issue is now sorted and payments have been made, the guys from Scotland did not lack in support after their tweets.

But it is not just a desi industry thing!!



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