Time Aa Gaya – Rapping Rickshaw Driver From Karachi Goes Viral – Pakistan’s Answer To Gully Boy


A rapping rickshaw driver from  North Karachi has gone viral after a video of him rapping went crazy over social media in South Asia. With the recent release of Ranveer Singh’s Gully Boy (which has been a massive success in Pakistan) expect more rappers to emerge and videos like this to become more and more regular.

In the video, you can see a middle-aged Pakistani man in a pink snapback cap as he prepares to spit a few lines to a beat playing in the background. He raps about how he is from North Karachi, born and raised.
There is also a dog in the video, which the man points towards and calls his own. The entire video is pretty fun to watch and his rapping skills are not bad, but the continued use of the N word is very off putting from an Asian man , the video highlights how popular rap has become in South Asia .




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