Tochan, SIDHU MOOSEWALA, BYG BYRD – Is Everything As It Seems Though?


Sidhu Moosewala, whilst in India recorded his latest video, the track is Tochan and  the producer is Byg Byrd. Is everything as it seem’s though?

We were fortunate enough to have people from Daily Ent. Xpress at the video shoot, and word from the shoot, is, that this is not the version of the track that the video was shot too, yes  lyrically the song was the same but musically the song sounded different and looked very different,and no mention of Byg Byrd at the video shoot.

Does that explain Sidhu’s lack of actual singing at the camera, other than during the chorus? Why was Humble music so slow to jump on the track when it released on Youtube, only sharing it on social media and other channels once it had gone viral!

Watch and see for yourself…. Strange very strange, or are we wrong, and all these gigs Sidhu is now performing at without Byg Byrd and Sunny Malton, just a coincidence?


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