Today Is #NationalAlbumDay – Your Favourite Desi Artists Pick 3 Albums You Need To Listen Too


Music Week broke the news back in the summer of the inaugural National Album Day, and now it’s finally here. It’s a simple and seemingly popular concept: an enthusiastic celebration of the enduring power of the 70-year-old long-player format.

So we here at Daily Ent Xpress decided to speak to some of the Punjabi scenes biggest artists and influencers to see which 3 albums you need to check out and that have impacted them on their musical journey, enjoy the list!

Bomb The Tumbi –  Safri Boys
Folk N Funky – Jazzy B
Legends –  Safri Boys

Folk n Funky –  Jazzy B
Maa hundi eh maa – Kuldeep Manak
Word is born  – Tru skool and Specialist

Intense Music
All Eyez On Me – 2pac
Dark and Dangerous – Bally Jagpal
Chronic 2001 – Dr Dre

Gurj Sidhu
Doggy style- Dr Dre & Snoop
Romeo – Jazzy B
Take care – Drake


Thriller – M Jackson
2001. DR DRE
Legalised – PANJABI MC

Raj Bains
The Chronic – Dr Dre
Back To Basics – Diljit Dosanjh
Yaar Anmulle – Sharry Maan

Bobby – Limitless Records
Legalised – Panjabi MC
Unda Da Influence – Dr Zeus
Put Sardaran Deh – Skillz Inc

Kaos Productions
Bomb the Tumbi – Safri Boys
Doin it – DCS
Word is born – Tru skool and Specialist

Gubi Sandhu
Bomb the Tumbi – Safri Boys
Word is Born – Tru Skool and Specialist
100% proof – Panjabi MC

Surinder Rattan
The Chronic – Dr Dre
Legalize – Panjabi MC
Come By Me – Harry Connick Jr

Money Spinner
Putt Jattan Deh (Flim Sountrack)
Grass Roots – Panjabi MC
Folkal Attraction – Jazzy B

Dark and Dangerous – Bally Jagpal
Legalised – Panjabi MC
Bomb The Tumbi – Safri Boys

Bups Saggu
Dangerous – M Jackson DANGEROUS
Songs About Jane – Maroon 5
Chronic 2001 – Dr Dre

DJ Harv
Forever Gold – Malkit & Harvinder Singh
Back to Basics – Diljit & Tru Skool
Grassroots – Panjabi MC

Word Is Born – Specialist & Tru-Skool
Snoop Dogg – DoggyStyle (93’ Flava)
Born To Do It – Craig David (UK Music Gamechanger)

Bikram Singh
Star Crazy – Bally Sagoo
Legalized – PMC
American Jugni – Bikram Singh

Amit Rai
Sajna Veh Sajna – Gurdass Mann
Punjabi Dance Nation – DCS
Apna Sangeet – Apna Sangeet

Twin Beats
Forever Gold – Malkit Singh & Harvinder Singh
Word is born – Tru skool and Specialist
Unda da influence – Dr Zeus

Frantic Studios
Pump Up The Bhangra – Pardesi
Bomb the Tumbi – Safri boys
Death Jamm 1 – Death Jamm Productions

Jr Dread
Return of Django – The Upsetters ft Lee Scratch Perry –
Pump Up The Bhangra – Pardesi
Slayer – Reign In Blood – Slayer

DJ SonnyJi
Talvin Singh – Ok
PMC – grass roots
Air – moon safari

DJ Reminisce
Victory Lap – Nipsy Hustle
One Time 4 yah mind – Ashok Prince
The chronic – Dre Dre

Bomb The Tumbi – Safri Boys
Saun Di Jhadi – Babbu Maan
Ishq – Sahotas

RV Narang
Achank – Achank
The Wizard – Ravi Bal
Unforgettable – Imran Khan

And finally in some depth – Swami Baracus

Older – Nas – Illmatic: the complete definition of a hip-hop classic. From production to lyricism to content, it showcased everything about NY in the 90s, & the struggle of urban youth.

To Pimp A Butterfly – Kendrick Lamar – it’s not as favourable with the masses as Good kid, maad city and Damn, but TPAB really highlights the revolutionary aspect of KL’s mindset, with a project that needs to be listened as a whole rather than picking out individual tracks. A brilliant album.

Recent – Ocean Wisdom – Wizville. The future of UK Hip-Hop is secure with Ocean Wisdom. His debut was a great project, and this his follow-up takes him to another level. With awesome guest features including Dizzee Rascal, Method Man and Chester P, Ocean can rightfully champion his status as one of the UK’s best.


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