Tony Bellew v David Haye The Rematch – All The Stats You Need And More


Stats and stills via the team at No title on the line, no rankings movement of any note, yet this is the domestic tare up that many boxing fans having being waiting for, Liverpool’s David Bellew takes on Londoner David Haye, and this time, David Haye knows his fighting to save his career.

Big difference to fight one, Haye look’s fitter and leaner, gone has the mindset of blowing Bellew away, but instead he looks ready to fight, no matter whether it is long or short

Bellew, looks in good condition, and it feels like he has set himself up for a long fight, ready to pounce as soon as Haye’s body implodes or he causes him to tire.

Hayes has more big fight experience, but is the tank empty.

Bellew on the other hand has been in just four world title fights, suffering defeats in his first two attempts before finally claiming the WBC belt at his home town football club’s stadium, Goodison Park.

Haye has recorded 22 of his 26 KO victories during or before the fifth round, Bellew on the contrary has had to win on points on 10 occasions throughout his career. Furthermore, he has managed at least one KO victory in each round except the sixth and seventh,

Before Haye’s injury, the Londoner threw 50 and landed 21 more jabs than Bellew, on average landing six per round compared to two from the Liverpudlian. However, after the injury, Bellew threw (162) over double (78) what Haye could produce and although Haye was landing on average more (four) per round (three), the power and snap they lacked allowed Bellew to keep walking forward.

Significantly, for all that Bellew threw and landed on Haye, it still took him over five rounds to get the KO and even then it was Haye’s corner who threw the towel in, suggesting two noteworthy things; one, Haye’s conditioning was much better than many had predicted and two, Bellew does not possess the power truly required to take out Haye with one blow, something that may prove decisive in the rematch.

In summary, the biggest factor that cannot be overlooked from the outcome of the first fight is the injury sustained to Haye. Without such a debilitating injury – that effectively left him with no ability to move or possess power in his punches – the outcome of the fight would likely to have been very different. The total punches thrown during the first five rounds and thrown afterwards perfectly demonstrate the impact this had on the fight.

If Haye’s injury woes are behind him, there is expected to be only one result, and that is in favour of the Hayemaker. Nevertheless, just a win will not provide any clearer path to another world title fight, but a comprehensive KO victory will get the public supporting his route to a major bout with Joshua towards the end of 2018 perhaps.


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