Touching Base With Angat Kalsi & Talking Rakhna


A few months ago we touched base with new UK Artist Angat Kalsi, and it’s nice to see that he now has another track in the market place, and this is as unique as his first track. God’s Will (Video below) was very underrated in our opinion, so if you are new to Angat Kalsi check out his interview and new and old material here:

We managed to spend some time with Angat Kalsi and ask some questions about this his new track ‘Rakhna’ and how it came about;

Track Inspiration:

Truthfully, this ‘experimental’ project started 2 years ago. I was really obsessed with the song ‘Young, Wild and Free’ by Bruno Mars and Wiz Khalifa and must have had it on repeat for a whole month!

Then I thought to myself, what is it about this song that keeps it ‘fresh to the ears’ and makes me feel good?

It was simply the piano riff!

So I began to explore various riffs in different sounds. Eventually landed with the plucked synthesised riff accompanying the entire track. In the same way I drew inspiration from a German DJ called ATB, who is a pioneer in the Trance genre, and adopted the arpeggiator theme used in the song ‘Ecstasy’ released in 2004. Furthermore, tracks like IN2 (westrn) was also used as an exemplary record to compare my amateur mixing skills against.

Overall, this taught me that it’s about appreciating the greatness in others and their work which in turn inspires our creativity and development.

This was a big project for you, what difficulties did you face:

Up until the release, Rakhna has under gone 37 arrangement drafts, 56 mixing drafts and 13 master drafts to achieve the sound I wanted. This project really pushed my boundaries and self-taught me a lot including, the art of mixing, arrangement, sound-layering, composition etc., from which I have used techniques in my other recent-releases ‘Miliye’ and ‘God’s Will’.

What is the biggest thing I have taken away from this project? – the ability to create original content using nothing but stock software sounds and live instrument recordings.

What’s next for Angat Kalsi?

Well, the main thing for me is to be consistent and provide my audience with ‘good and original music’.

I have also begun preparations for live performances in 2019, I look forward to this with great anticipation. To add, I seek musicians to jam with, so if you’re interested, please get in touch!

I also want to carry on developing ‘my sound’ and build my ‘Angat Kalsi’ brand – I would say at the moment I haven’t quite found it yet and to be honest, I am in no rush to find it; I am really enjoying the experimental phase of exploring new sounds and vibes – As a young and keen musician, I believe that I need to remain open minded!

Finally, thank you all for supporting me this year, 2018 has been an incredible year as part of my musical journey. I hope to serve you with the same heart and passion for many years to come.


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