TPM – Sunny Malton Ft Sidhu Moose Wala, Byg Byrd


TPM – Sunny Malton Ft Sidhu Moose Wala,
Producer Byg Byrd

This trio has certainly made 2017 a year not to forget, and boy do they end it with a bang.

Sunny Malton, is the realist Desi rapper on the scene at the moment, he is a throwback to real MC’s who spit bars for fun with realism hanging from each word, this is hip hop.

We here at Daily Ent. Xpress push UK Rap and Hip Hop, Sunny Malton could and would do himself proud on any of those scenes, a collaboration with a UK hip Hop act would be something positive for both scenes, lets hope it happens.

Byg Byrd, delivers on again, with his unique production and as a part of this trio, he always ensures his best work is to the fore.

Fans of desi rappers or not, this deserves a listen


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