Track Or Video Whats More Important ?


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6IX9INE is sitting pretty at no. 5 in the US Rap and RnB charts, and he should be looked upon as an inspiration to many, we are not talking about his rise to fame, but his clever use of little assets for a video that just works.

Hip Hop, at the core is about the struggle, hardship and representing the down trodden, Rappers have used big budget videos for tracks no doubting that, but at the heart of hip hop is the true fan who aligns himself with videos that are real, and “Gummo” is defiantly real.

Location, a crew some science and at the heart of it all, a banger of a tune, you don’t always need to holla at people highlighting how big a video is, sometimes letting the track to the talking is key, the video is secondary to the track!

Byg Byrd, Sunny Malton released TPM, a couple of weeks ago, Sunny is one of the leading rap figures on the desi scene and produced a video that highlighted his flow and everything about him, the video comes from the core of hip hop.

UK Rappers are dropping videos, created on a budget, as the technology is available to them, and boy have they used it, proving again and again, remaining key to your art must never be forgotten.

Bhangra has gone the other way, if the money is there use it, I guess, but in doing that, I for a fact, can see that the video has become the main focus to many, the track is secondary, this is why what is at the heart of Bhangra is being lost. Casing point for this, Bhangra videos are now including the name of featured models in the release of videos, what the heck has that got to do with the song?

Whatever genre of music you do/perform or record, remember you need to hold the values of that genre in your heart and music only then, will you be seen as the a true artist ? you hold they key to the success of a genre do not take it or it’s listeners for granted.


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