Tru-Skool Talks Surinder Shinda ‘Live In Effect’


Something special is set to go down at the Birmingham Hippodrome on Saturday 8th February. For just over two hours music fans (not just Punjabi music fans) will be taken back to a unique era of Punjabi folk music. Derby-based Punjabi music producer Tru-Skool and Surinder Shinda will be ‘Live In Effect’.

This evening is not just for those die-hard fans of Surinder Shinda.  This is a night of live music for music fans. Instruments from the mandolin to the tumbi will grace the stage whisking music fans away to a bye-gone age of folk music. Structured and complex music pieces that were once the brainchild of Charanjit Ahuja will now be played out live to die-hard music fans.

Is this something you as a music fan can afford to miss? 

Tru-Skool has been on social media explaining to music fans what the show is about. This is something very unique. This is the Surinder Shinda experience that will not be seen again.  This is a unique night with a true legend of the global music scene.

Surinder Shinda has a back catalogue like no other. Ask any Punjabi to name a Surinder Shinda classic and they just start reeling off hit after hit. Jagga Jat, Jeona Moore, Putt Jattan De, Bari Kohl Ke, Sucha Soorma are just some examples of the Shinda hits, and they will all be sang live on the night. In addition to those songs being performed live, some cult classics from the Surinder Shinda archives will take centre stage. This is one of the reasons why we have called this a night for music fans and nit just those fans of Punjab music.

We got talking with Tru-Skool to really get an insight into what music fans can expect to hear on the night. We went past those big hits that everyone knows and we wanted to know the 5 songs that Tru-Skool and his live band are most looking forward to performing from a musicians point of view.

This is will be a one-off experience in the company of Surinder Shinda and the Tru-Skool live band. Some of the most talented musicians the UK has producded will be sharing their talents with an audiance of music fans. For me as a Surinder Shinda and Charanjit Ahuja fan, this is one of those nights I envisioned but never thought would happen. 
The night is not just about those classic songs, trust me they will all be played on the night, but this is a music experiance. The raw essence of Punjabi folk music will come alive for a few hours in Birmingham and I just can’t wait for it to happen. Below is a list of five songs that Im looking forward to playing live on the night. Everyone in the band has a different list of songs they want to play, but for me these 5 are special. They represent the true essence of the golden era of Punjabi folk music.
These 5 are just a little example of people can expect on the night. Yu hear the term ‘this one is for the heads’ so often, but this time – This Is A Night For The Heads
Pahar Jidde Lare – First released in 1983! 

Meri Lash, Bhagat Singh, First Released 1984 (song starts at 05.27 in the link below)

Jatt Mirza Kharlan Da, First released 1983 (song starts at 37.17 in the link below).

From The 1985 Punjabi film Gabru Punjab Da’ The title song “Meh Gabru Punjab Da”

No night would be complete without Boliya – The 1988 Jatt Paun Boliyan is a cult classic

Tickets are still available for next weeks event – Just click the image below to see what seats are available and how to book!


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