Tullyz Kitchen – Meet The Desi Chef Blowing Up Social Media


Tullyz Kitchen? Well, outside of Australia you may not know who Tully is, but if we mentioned Tully Uncle the chef? Now the penny may have dropped. Tully has been blowing up Whats App groups and TikTok over the last few months so we thought it only right we chat to the man behind the funniest chef on social media! Article by Sabji Hunter

Tully Uncle is the alter ego of Tullyz Kitchen:

“My real name is Atul Chanana but having lived in Australia for 17 years, it’s been shortened to Tully over time. Past nicknames have included Atoolio, A-tool, and Spanner”

Spanner? OK? So Tully in real life is as entertaining in real life as he is on screen, good.

So what made you bring Tully Uncle to life?

“I wanted to have engaging content for Tik Tok, I tried a few things in the past but nothing was resonating as much with the audience. A friend suggested using my Indian heritage and my sense of humour to create content. So I developed the alter ego of Tully Uncle. He connects me back to my Indian heritage and his style resonates across various cultures and age groups, which helps deliver my message of cooking/eating plant-based”.

So has a passion for cooking always been there and did you ever have training? 

From an early age when I used to watch my mother and aunties cooking, I always enjoyed watching them and learning. When my father passed away when I was 8½, my mum used to ask me to cook little things for her like tea etc. That’s when I started taking real interest as it gave me the freedom to cook and experiment.

I’ve been cooking for as long as I can remember to entertain. The more compliments I got, the more I wanted to show off my skills! Then I decided to take my hobby to next level and did a chef course in 2009. I decided not to pursue that industry as I was not ready to work long hours and much preferred to cook for friends at that time in my life.

Chatting to Tully was a pleasure, a man who loves his cooking but isn’t afraid to have a laugh at himself! Not many people can say that these days! If you wish to follow the antics of Uncle Tully and Tullyz Kitchen then just hit one of the links below for your preferred social media platform! Oh and remember ‘Then you blend it ah’

Tullyz Kitchen – Instagram, Tully Uncle – Instagram, Twitter Tully Uncle and Tully Uncle TikTok

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