Turkey Set To Generate $100m From Indian Weddings In 2020


Locations weddings seem to be all the rage and Turkey seems to be the destination of choice for many affluent Indians. This year alone Turkey has hosted 15 Indian weddings so far. 25 weddings are already booked for next year and are set to generate over $100m for Turkey.

Couples, from India, seem to have fallen in love with Turkey.  The Mediterranean holiday resort Antalya and the famous resort town of Bodrum are the preferred destinations.  While Cappadocia, one of the country’s top tourist destinations has also seen a spike in Indian weddings.

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Dorak Holding Chairman Ahmet Serdar Körükçü said that it is becoming prestigious for wealthy Indian families to have weddings in Turkey. “For the year 2020, some 25 weddings have been booked. Indians will spend more than $100 million for these weddings,” Körükçü said, adding as talks for the wedding are still underway, this figure could go up to 30 in the coming period.

Körükçü said the most affordable Indian wedding cost $1.5 million. “We organized the most expensive Indian wedding ever in Turkey, which amounted to about $8 million. In 2020, we will have a similar wedding organized in Istanbul. They will pay $6 million for this wedding,” he noted.


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