Turkmenistan Airlines Is Back As An Approved Carrier


Oh yes! The only flight to play Punjabi songs is back! Turkmenistan Airlines the airline that takes more Punjabi’s to Punjab than Punjab to Canada is all set to warm the hearts of Punjabi flyers. Details of flights to Punjab will be announced soon, so keep checking the Des Pardes!

In February of this year the troubled airline enlisted Lufthansa Consulting to assist with aiding a return to compliance with European Union Aviation Safety Agency criteria. Now it seems that European safety regulators have restored the third-country authorisation to Turkmenistan Airlines which had been withdrawn early this year, reports Flight Global.

Turkmenistan Airlines says it took “immediate action” to address the “difficulties in satisfying relevant requirements” for third-country operators. In a statement released by the airline  It states that EASA carried out an audit at the carrier’s base in Ashgabat at the end of September, and reauthorised the airline on 11 October.

It describes the restoration of approval as a “great success”, although Lufthansa Consulting managing director Andreas Jahnke adds: “There are certain tasks to be done by the operator to ensure sustainable implementation of the measures.

“Lufthansa Consulting is looking forward to continuing the fruitful co-operation.”

EASA’s latest revision to its third-country operator registry, dated 17 October, lists Turkmenistan Airlines as an approved carrier. A full version of this article can be found at  Flight Global.


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