Two Brothers Stabbed At A Wedding By Men Jealous Of Their Dance Moves


If you are going to a wedding, it is vital that you understand that you do not own the dancefloor. Two brothers from Surat in Gujrat who started throwing shapes were soon put in there places as other wedding-goers got jealous of their dancing & STABBED THEM!!!!

The younger of the two brothers, Vijay Borkar, was stabbed and unfortunately lost his life in the incident. The elder brother, Ravi, 24 is in a serious but stable condition in hospital. The incident occurred as Ravi and Vijay attended a friends wedding. The pair were dancing very well and the ladies at the wedding were giving them lots of attention said a Rander police station officer.

This then caused four men to get jealous.  The men objected to friends dancing at the wedding, this then led to a competitive dance-off, which soon ended in tragedy as knives were drawn.

“While Vijay was stabbed in the chest, Ravi was stabbed in the leg, after the accused objected to them dancing,” said a Rander police station officer.

A case has been registered, with the 4 accused of section 302 – homicide

Dance offs can be quite dangerous, though this was not at a wedding this famous UK dance off led to very violent scenes a few years ago.


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